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Bloomsbury Bookbag 4.8 5 152 152
Bookin' It Poem B ooks, books, and books galore O utside, inside, and some more O ver the shoulder, under the table K eep it handy, 'cause it's sturdy and pretty B loomsbury is the name A nd canvas and leather what it's made of G ifts for readers, too! April 18, 2010
bloomsbury poem I once met a lad named Bloomsbury And I know we are destined to marry With his rugged good looks And the way he totes books We will honeymoon at the library! April 16, 2010
Excellent Buy!!! The Bloombury Bookbag is among the best buys I've made in a while. I would recommend this to both men and woman because it is a unisex item and very stylish. Keep bring items such as this and I will remain the long term customer that I am. August 6, 2014
A great bag? I love this durable, functional bag. I carry it as a purse and utilize the outside pockets for all the "little" things I need to carry. I would give one of these as a gift in a mint! July 24, 2014
Finally! A Bargain Bag with Great Functionality i've been eyeing this bag for years! even though i've crossed over to the e-reader side, i still carry a lot of stuff! and this bag has room for all of it AND a zillion pockets! The Readers' Tool were a plus, but I'd buy this bag again even without them. July 17, 2014
OHHH The Book Bag When I tell you I couldn't wait to get my hands on this bag, believe me it is true. I was very excited about bag. I see it is now also in purple...something to think about. I must admit, I thought it was going to be a bit bigger, but it holds two of my notebooks. Talk about functional, the pockets going all the way around the bag are great. The detailing is awesome. I really like having the monogram on the tag. Just one of those great Levenger touches. June 26, 2014
Excellent gift Gave two as gifts; recipients loved them! June 26, 2014
Bloomsbury Bookbag & Tools=Academic Success Excellent resource for students and book-lovers alike! I ordered 2, 1 for each of my g-daughters, upon their graduation from high school and 6th grade respectively. They loved the included tools as much as they did the bags! As a Professor of Nursing, I wish I could afford to order a bag for each incoming student, as the tools certainly add to the skills necessary for academic success and the bag itself is durable and large enough to hold the required multiple, heavy textbooks. I hope this product isn't being discontinued as I would like to order more at Christmas. Thanks for offering a wonderful resource at a reasonable price!! June 20, 2014
Love the pockets on the outside It is hard t o carry without a shoulder strap but I love the pockets. Easy to carry all the items I need easy access to. Like my phone, keys, pens, and cards. June 16, 2014
I was so excited when the Levenger box arrived today… but this bag is not what I was expecting, the bag has no shape, is so small and does not stand on it's own. Maybe I would be returning it. June 10, 2014
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