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I LOVE IT! I finally ordered one after drooling over it in the catalog a LONG time. I love everything about it...I have to guard it because my daughter has been eyeing it covetously! (Will there be more colors? I will buy her one.) Thank you for this great bag! June 22, 2014
Love it! I am a "schlep it all along" kind of person, and this bag has been perfect - the interior is roomy, but extremely organized. I can easily access everything I keep in the bag: wallet, small Circa notebook, phone, keys, pens, book, hairbrush etc. There are enough pockets so that everything can be put into its own "spot", plus lots of room for extra things like a small folded umbrella, papers, even my lunch. Another nice feature is that the bottom of the bag is stiff, which makes digging in it much easier. I think it also looks nicer. I ordered this in the tan/orange combo, and was worried that it would be too orange, but it's a wonderful color combo; the orange is not too bright, and there is just enough to give some very nice contrast with the tan portion of the bag. Lastly, the lining is light in color - so much easier to see everything inside! The bag is very well made, and looks as if it will last forever (as have my 5 other Levenger bags). Highly recommend if you are looking for a large but stylish bag. May 29, 2014
Love Love It! This bag is absolutely perfect and for the sale price, a wonderful bargain. I matched it with the ipad mini wallet cross body which is equally beautiful, and makes a great bag within a bag. I never knew a bag could organize you, but it can, and this one does it well. I think I will not be changing bags for a long, long, time! May 22, 2014
Absolutley beautiful and functional. In several months I wil be retiring and then traveling a good bit wth my husband. I purchased a satche, double zip glasses case, checkboook cover, and phone wallet. Each item is perfect and the quality is remarkable! The satchel will hold eveything my spouse and I will need while flying or driving....no need for extra bags! Thanks for selling a great product that is definitley worth the price. May 15, 2014
Absolutely. Love. It! I also watched this bag for months and couldn't make up my mind. I travel (fly) weekly for work and really wanted a tech bag that didn't look like a guy's bag, was stylish and pretty and held a full size laptop and all the other stuff associated with work travel. Then it came out in blue and I just HAD to have it! I love it. The leather is soft, feels absolutely wonderful and it's is every bit as stylish as I had hoped. What does it hold? Everything I need it to. I travel with a Lenovo Yoga which is a full sized laptop, but very thin. Although I have not yet tried my Lenovo Thinkpad ("brick") it will fit with only a marginal loss of ability to store additional things due to the added thickness. I can carry the Yoga, a pretty thick Circa notebook, electronics case, glasses case, my wallet and an iPad or ereader (in the special pocket, which has a nice snap fastener) in the main compartment. Even so, there is still room for magazines purchased at the airport. The outside slip pockets are great for phone, tickets, receipts for expenses etc. The zip front pocket is basically a small organizer which holds, lipstick, earpiece, and other small items normally kept in a purse. I actually have a fairly flat purse and discovered that it will actually fit in the main compartment for "consolidation" when boarding. Being as the bag itself is not particularly large, I am pleasantly surprised at just how much it holds. I think that is because the bag, while not slouchy and quite structured, is very soft. One of my initial concerns was that it did not have a "pass over" to fit over the handle of rolling luggage (so few really nice bags do, sadly). The 4 stars for function is because of this one thing that I would add if I could (and if I could without comprising the style of the bag). Although that is typically a deal breaker for me, I still ordered the bag as I loved the Blue so much. Other bags without this function have a tendency to slip off the roller bag when hitting bumps or inclines and I am not sure why this bag doesn't, but it doesn't. It just seems like a really nicely "balanced" bag which sits steady on top of my spinner and never shifts. Also, it is surprisingly light too. I love, love, love this functional, pretty, high quality bag. Like many others I am a "bag freak" but I can see this being my "go to" bag for quite a while. Very, very happy with this purchase. April 6, 2014
She Loved it !!! I purchased the Levenger , Raffinato color-block satchel as a gift for a lady friend . The lady was is the process of "changing jobs" and has been a bit "concerned about the switch and a bit down" . I wanted to surprise her with a gift to cheer her up & show her how proud I was of her courage to make the change . I thought the Raffinato satchel would be the perfect gift for a stylish , fashionable lady with great taste . However , I knew the risk that a guy takes trying to select a "clothing/fashion/personal" gift for a discriminating woman and feared my best efforts to please her would flop , if it was not to her tastes . NOT TO WORRY--SHE LOVED IT and my goal to cheer her up & reward her for a brave decision was a total success , thank to Levenger !! She thinks , as I did, that the satchel is a functional carry for work related items and is a beautiful stylish purse ! February 6, 2014
Better in person! I looked at this bag for months, and when it went on sale, I had to cave. I was skeptical about the "organization" (they all say that) and the depth/width of the bottom. I adore bags and purses, so I have quite a few, and I have to say that this bag is Numero Uno for organization. They all have pockets, most are too small, and often there aren't enough. THIS bag has an unbelievable amount of organized storage everywhere you look! And the pockets are not only generous in size, they are also secure, including the outside ones. The lining is also light-colored, which helps in finding things. This is a bag that would be an excellent and versatile carry-on, because it can pass for a purse or a briefcase, and it can hold a lot in such an organized manner that you won't be having to go through every little pocket to find whatever you're looking for. It definitely rates an A+ in organization. The colors are ones I gravitate toward, so I like them a lot. The leather is quality and will surely hold up just about forever. The handle is the right size for putting over your shoulder (my preferred position), and it's not so fat that it's uncomfortable under your arm. I also like that it is rolled. Sadly, there are no "feet" on the bottom, which is an appreciated feature, because it holds you bag off whatever floor you have to put it on. I think the zipper could have gone further done on both sides so that access to the inside would be easier, but maybe that would have made the bag too floppy and less secure. And I would have liked it just a little bit wider at the bottom so that it would hold more. But that tempts those of us who want to carry everything they own to put even more stuff in it, and it gets heavier and heavier, as another reviewer noted. However, in comparison to other quality leather bags I own, this is is relatively light when empty. All in all, I think this bag surpasses its pictures and its description on the website by a long shot, and I recommend it highly to those who want organization and plenty of room. Plus trendy, cheerful colors and a stylish look. On sale, it's a great buy too. January 23, 2014
Great Bag - PLEASE make in black!!!! LOVE this bag! Great organization, gorgeous leather, just wonderful! Would love to see this bag in black, with patent leather accents, and a contrasting (non-black) lining. Why must black purses have black lining? It's impossible to find anything!!!! Please, Levenger, your bags are gorgeous, and I really need a black bag for work! However, I can't justify purchasing any of your black bags if they have black lining. Thanks for considering! January 5, 2014
Big! This is a beautiful and well constructed bag! Be advised that, even after I looked at the dimensions in the description, consulted my tape measure and placed the order, I was still surprised at the huge size of this bag. It holds everything, including my tablet and, of course, the more I put in it, the heavier it gets! It is definitely not something you want to run in to the store for a minute with, and definitely not for hiking the length of the mall. I'm considering a smaller bag to put inside that I can just grab and go with. But this is definitely the bag to have if you don't want to get caught without an item you might need. My only suggestion is that some card slots in the front compartment would have been helpful. There are two smartphone size pockets, but I was expecting slots. Otherwise an excellent design. June 22, 2013
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