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Circa Annotation Tabs, Letter (set of 60)

Price: $14.00
Item: ADS8335
Circa page tabs for your letter notebook
Give your letter-size Circa notebook even more organizational oomph with these sturdy writable notebook tabs. Divide your notebook into sections, color-code task lists, meetings, appointments or special projects, and make notes at the same time.
  • 10 each of sienna, celadon, violet, sand, putty and aqua
  • Ruled on both sides
  • Useful for agendas and daily planners, and for home and office organizing
  • Printed on durable 250-gsm white card stock
  • 9W x 4H
Circa Annotation Tabs Letter 4.6 5 15 15
Valuable Accessories I like these tabs, especially the size and how easily they can be inserted as desired. The large number of tabs is a real plus. July 30, 2015
Super Useful My mom and I both love these tabs. You can fit a lot of information on them. I use them for trial notebooks to make notes on the case they're in front of and she uses them for her personal notebook of health information for her mom. It has enough room to summarize something its marking, and its heavyweight paper makes is quite sturdy. July 20, 2015
these work great for me! I'm constantly juggling lots of different commitments -as we all are - and these are perfect to keep my projects divided out In my Circa planner. I love being able to start fresh every semester and to swap these out when they get frayed or dirty. I find myself writing important notes on them for each project such as login names, numbers to remember. I gave a 4 just because I would prefer them in brighter colors, but otherwise they're perfect! May 24, 2015
Multifunctional I love using these for dividers and to do lists I can pull out and throw in my purse. Even for a grocery lists. November 8, 2014
Great for Writing I'm very glad I tried this product. I've had some bad luck with note organization in the past and prefer analog methods in general. I use these tabs (which have the thickness of a typical index card) to write reading notes, observations, writing prompts, beginnings of stories and other short pieces. I can easily reorder them, post them to a cork board and, of course, incorporate them with my larger Circa pages. I even made a notebook cover for my tabs so I can take them out, jot notes and go through my prior musings with ease. September 5, 2014
Helpful in context I find these tabs helpful as sub-tabs between the wafer tab dividers. By themselves, they're a bit flimsy for large chunks of paper. Used in conjunction with the wafer tabs, though, they provide a convenient and lightweight way to find things quickly. July 17, 2014
Would recommend with caveats They tend to flop around as opposed to extending straight out the side of the notebook, but it's not too big a deal. Pretty colors, although the putty and violet look very alike, as well as the sienna and celadon. I like having tab dividers that I can write on, and I like having dividers that I can position in various places. July 16, 2014
Disappointed (sad) I usually love my purchase from Levenger. It's even fair to say I cherish circa products and happily show them off. With these tabs, a few issues make them almost useless for me. One is that the tabs cannot be placed so they line up nicely and form equidistant tabs. So they look weird. Looking at the picture now, the image is correct. Unfortunately I didn't notice that. Also, the tabs I received are quite a bit less vibrant than pictured and look mousy and unattractive. They do wobble, as someone mentioned, but it's the other two issues that make this a bad buy for me. Bummer. May 25, 2014
Love these! These are a greet aid in organizing within sections of my journal. I can write quick notes/facts so I don't have to dig thru the whole section to find something I'll need. Will keep these stocked. March 29, 2014
Circa Annotation Tabs I purchased these so that I'd be able to make of books that I have read. The concept really was great but I found that they were wiggly in in my beautiful note book. I'm hoping I'll find another use for them. February 23, 2014
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