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Special Request™ Address (100 sheets), Circa Compact

Price: $14.00
Item: SPR115
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Circa compact address pages
Our Special Request Circa Address Refill gives you more ways to use your Circa notebook or agenda. It includes 100 sheets of compact-size Circa pages in Address format.
  • Pages are Circa-punched to fit into any compact, junior or letter-size
  • Circa notebook or agenda
  • Each sheet has room for 3 entries
  • Spaces for name, address, e-mail, phone, mobile, fax, Web site
  • Lines on the back for additional information/notes
  • Non-perforated paper Ideal for use in your notebook or agenda 100 sheets
  • Thick, durable 60-lb white text stock
  • Compact size, 3 3/4W x 6 3/4H
100 Special Request Circa Compact Address Refills 2 5 1 1
Beware! I recently looked into purchasing these inserts to update a Circa address book I've had for ten years, only to discover they're not perforated like the cards I use in my book. Other sizes Levenger offers are still available perforated, but not compact. For me, this means giving up on Circa in the way I've used it, or redoing my entire address book (you can also no longer get an address starter in the compact size). I felt incredibly disappointed that a product I invested in specifically so I could remove individual address cards without having to redo whole pages (which is still listed as a selling feature for the perforated Circa address cards in other sizes) no longer has that capability. I wish Levenger hadn't discontinued this feature, and it should consider bringing it back. September 24, 2013
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