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Circa smartPlanner All 9app pack 5 5 2 2
Excellent Planner solution This works! I'm glad to have switched to this system. Function and quality are excellent and it is better priced than what the competition offers. I don't use all the "apps" but most of them. It supports the David Allen GTD system. My search is over! January 31, 2014
Circa does it again--even more to love! I've been a fan of Circa products for years! The versatility allowed by the easily interchangeable discs that hinge the "book" you want is exactly what I need. Traditional organizers force you to follow their idea of the order in which things should be organized, but Circa allows for creativity and options. This 9 part organizer has several key benefits over any project oriented business organizer I've seen. First, it has Scheduler pages that are task oriented, so you can split up parts of each task by day, & plan a week that makes accomplishing all of them feasible because you see all on the same page. In addition, this uses muted pleasant colors to distinguish between projects, which color coordinates with your To Do lists that also have all five projects on one page. By combining these pages together, you have a quick look at what you want to accomplish that week & what you need to do to get it done. You get Message pages that are perforated squares to write a memo & take with you or to delegate & give someone else a reminder! There also are pages with two Lists per page, perforated for convenience. These are nice for everything from shopping to making a step by step list of a process with which you're grappling to giving directions to an intern. Of course, you get Meeting pages which can work for recording thoughts in & after a meeting to detailing information from important phone calls as well. You could choose to keep Contact pages in front of all phone Meetings pages like I do. There are Doodle pages for when you need to relax or brainstorm; I leave them in the back of my book, then pull one out & relocate it to where I'm at when I need it. It's interesting to see that I doodle after every phone meeting with a certain person or when I get to a certain part in some of my projects. My favorite set is the Ideation pages, which are based on the book the Accidental Creative. Essentially they are a way to brainstorm through problems and come up with creative solutions from connections between unrelated free flow ideas. You have to see it & try it! Finally, there are pages to keep track of Travel. Because I don't travel on a regular basis, they aren't as useful for me, but they look like they cover all the bases for someone who flys the friendly skies often. Note: The only reason I gave this 4 stars for function is because, like me, you may find that one of the nine sets of pages doesn't help you as much. However, you'll notice that I gave the product overall 5 stars, & I believe it deserves it! My mom works part time, wants to clean out 30 years of "stuff" that has accumulated at our house including things from both grandmother's after passing, and she has a new puppy to train. Plus when I'm overloaded, she does a lot for me like making calls & paying bills. She found a use for every one of the organizer's pages except 2, & she was thrilled to poach some of my pages from each to make her own book & happy I had purchased both 1/2" discs as well as 3/4", so she could take the former. Circa works for everyone in one way or another! Just another reason to LuvLevenger! December 3, 2013
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