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Circa smartPlanner Take With Lists (Set of 2)
  • Circa smartPlanner Take With Lists (Set of 2)
  • Circa smartPlanner Take With Lists (Set of 2)
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Circa smartPlanner Take With Lists (Set of 2)

Price: $10.00 Now $6.00 Save 40%
Item: ADS8290
Discover the productivity power of this paper “app” for your Circa smartPlanner
Embedded in the word “paper” is the word “app.” These pads are one of the paper-based apps that you can get for the Circa smartPlanner system. Add this app to the smartPlanner Master Agenda and ramp up your productivity another notch.

Keep running lists in your Master Agenda, then take the completed lists with you
The Take-With Lists pads are perforated, so you can remove lists from your Master Agenda when they’re ready to go. Think shopping lists and Honey-Do’s.

Keep lots of lists going at once, and each one separate
Use separate sheets to keep running lists for home, work, special projects, and so on. Store them all in one place, your Master Agenda, till you’re ready to activate them.

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Check out all the other apps designed for the Circa smartPlanner: Contacts, Doodler, Keep & Share Notes, Ideation Station, Meeting Notes, Scheduler, Take-With Lists, To Do and Travel Tamer
They’ll make your planning smarter and your life easier.
  • Each sheet is vertically perforated, for two removable lists per sheet
  • 32 lines per sheet, front and back
  • Lightly shaded check-off areas plus datelines
  • Levenger high-quality, 100 gsm paper holds up to repeated use
  • Set of 2 Circa-punched pads, 25 sheets each
  • Handy Junior size that works in all Circa Junior notebooks
  • Junior-size paper, 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H
Take your productivity to a whole new level of customization and fun with the apps designed for the Circa smartPlanner.
Circa smartPlanner Take With Lists Jnr Set of 2 4.8 5 6 6
Love the inserts I love ading the to do lists and other items that are in the pack. Gives you lots of flexbility to customize your planner March 26, 2015
Great Purchase I love these take with notes. I love to take my list with me and these are easy and functional. I can add to them and grab and go on the day I need it. The list stays in one place until I need it and I don't have sticky notes all over the place. They key to staying organized is keeping everything in one place. December 11, 2014
Bridges the gap Before discovering the take-with lists, I either had tons of items listed in my planner that rarely got looked at, or scraps of paper languishing everywhere. On my commute in to work, if I'm feeling overwhelmed by many small tasks I'd like to accomplish but would clutter up my official work list, I jot them down and leave the list on my desk. Ditto on the commute home for errands/chores that I'd like to finish before bed. It frees my mind up and has made me more focused. April 7, 2014
Clever solution... ...to an age-old problem! I am always making lists, and then wanting to revise said list, take list(s) with me, send w/others, and this is great solution. Makes it easier to coordinate/track, too. (And they also make good bookmarks, when all elements are checked off - always satisfying!) December 21, 2013
Not Fountain Pen friendly I purchased the circa system specifically so that I could use my beloved fountain pens on a more regular basis. All of the refills are producing mild feathering and some bleeding as well. I expected for such a heavy paper, and at this price, that it would perform better with fountain pens. If the first pen you reach for is ball point or a rollerball, however, than you will love this and other Circa products! They make organizing your life and thoughts much easier. It is making me much more effective at my job as a result. December 12, 2013
Take With Lists Are New Fave! I am loving all the Circa smartplanner apps, but these Take With Lists are my favorite thus far! I have been using the outer column, which tears out perfectly along the perforations, as my on the go lists (errands, shopping lists, etc); and I have been using the inner column for my ongoing or slightly longer term lists, which stays nicely put with the circa discs. Great new tool and perfect for my junior size planner! November 16, 2013
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