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Swiftnotes 4.3 5 24 24
Absolutely Wonderful! I've had this case (in black, monogrammed) for almost three years now. I use it daily at work and have gone through tons of the replacement pads. The initial set of pads that came with the notebook in 2009 were terrible, the pages tore improperly and it drove me a bit nuts. (first world problem to the max). However, all replacement pads since then have been just fine. The pen that came with this notebook is junk, so I never used it and ordered a notationary pen (no longer available). That pen was great but didn't fit the pad perfectly because the clip was too tight. As a result, I've messed up the pen loops a bit. Otherwise, the pad is in mint condition after being abused. It's the perfect size to go in my pocket and hence it lives there. People tease me about my "little pad" all the time, but I don't care. It's extremely convenient to carry this little thing around, it holds business cards perfectly. And since (other than the loops which I messed up), August 14, 2012
I use this for my phone Wanted something to protect my Droid 2 Global without a bulky belt clip. This is perfect. I put a small velcro dot on the back to hold the phone in place; the pocket on the side can hold a couple of cards for notes; and I can either use the pen that comes with it, or replace it with a stylus. It's low profile and fits easily in a pants or jacket pocket. Fine quality leather, Well made and stylish. It's an excellent value for the money. July 30, 2012
I like it, but... I actually got my pad as a gift and loved it. I was happy to here that I could get paper refills. However, I started wondering what would happen if I was to loose my pen or for it to run out of ink. I looked online, and could not believe that there were no replacements that costed less than the notepad, itself! I was very disappointed because I loose pens all the time. March 7, 2012
I love these little notebooks! They are small to fit in a pocket or purse, they come with a pen that secures the cover closed, you can get all the refill pads you need and they are classy and so handy! I have bought several of them in different, beautiful colors, and I have lost count of how many I have given as gifts. I can't understand anyone complaining about this product! January 8, 2012
Worst purchase ever I was shocked to discover that I paid such an exhorbitant amount of money ($45 - monogrammed) for this tiny little notebook. I blame myself as I didn't pay attention to the dimensions - just went by the picture and color choice. I will never use it because it is so small. This will make me think twice about any further purchases of these products. December 12, 2011
Still holding up well I purchased this great little "pocket briefcase" more than 10 years ago and have kept it in my back pants pocket all this time. It's showing a little wear and tear of course, but is still holding up well. A well made product! August 25, 2011
Disappointing The notepads for this case are not of the usual Levenger quality. As other reviewers have commented, the pages do not tear appropriately, so it makes subsequent pages more difficult to use March 6, 2011
my business partner great "little" briefcase. I work where I'm required to carry a smart ID card for entrance to various locations. I keep my ID card in the Swift notes and the Swiftnotes in my breast pocket, so all I need do is pass my shirt pocket in front of the card reader. Also room for quick notes whenevet I'm without a notepad and for my business cards. Great little briefcase! January 19, 2011
Handy, dandy This is, by far, the best little notepad I have ever carried. The ones I have tried previously, not from Levenger's, have proven to be worthless. This one, however, is with me all the time through every purse change. I have found it to be there whenever I need it for any note taking I need. The paper is Levenger quality and the pen is alway ready to write. I am ordering another for a gift. Wish it were still available in the grape as I find it easily in the bottom of my bag. May 17, 2010
Nice but... I like the size, style and leather of the Swiftnotes case but somebody PLEASE fix these atrocious notepads! As others have posted, they do not, will not tear out cleanly, they need a ruled or grid version of these pads with better quality paper. Perhaps even a 'Rite in the Rain' style pad. For now since these are an odd size pad we're stuck. The included pen frankly stunk, one damp morning and poof no more pen, it simply stopped writing. What I recommend is - if you use yours like I do, indoors and out, is go out and find a Fisher Space Pen. This pen fits the loops perfectly and will not give out also writes smoothly at any angle. A little refinement and this will be a great carry along notebook but for now it needs some work April 7, 2010
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