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Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
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Canvas Pyramid Pillow

Price: $39.00 Now $19.95 Save 49%
Item: FA4115
The apex of organization in a plush pillow
The handiest pillow you'll ever find, the Canvas Pyramid Pillow is tapered and topped with a loop, offering surfaces and storage for all sorts of things. Perfectly balanced and filled to remain pliable and prevent collapsing or tipping, the Pyramid Pillow could become your go-to reader’s companion.
  • One side has a rolled edge at the bottom for propping your iPad, e-reader, tablet or book
  • Includes a cleaning cloth for your screen
  • Offers several pockets all around to hold pens, notepads, phone, remote and small journal
  • Slide your reading glasses through the loop to keep them handy
  • Loop can also be used to carry it from room to room
  • Excellent for use on your lap, desk or floor
  • Soft blue canvas with polyfoam beads inside
  • 10 3/4W x 12 1/2D x 10 1/2H; 0.5 pounds
Canvas Pyramid Pillow 4.3 5 18 18
pyramid pillow this is a wonderful tool for a somewhat disorganized reader. it holds my e-book, smart phone, glasses, pad and pen, rolled magazine, etc. it has organized my life!! i liked it so much, i bought one for each ofr my daughters and grand daughters. November 9, 2013
Best Ever I gave this to my husband to use with his iPad to watch NFL on Sundays and he has used it every day since I gave it to him. He loves the pockets to put his glasses and remote. It is exactly what he was looking for to use in his La Z Boy to prop up the iPad. November 9, 2013
Needs More Fill I've had this pillow for a year and the problem only gets worse. The fill now does not even let the pyramid stand erect and it will not hold my Nook at all. It has turned into a very expensive lap pillow for my cat. She loves the fabric (as do I). Very unhappy with this product's functionality. November 5, 2013
Just as I hoped! It works just as I wanted it to. A spot for my glasses when my eyes get too heavy. The only wish I had was that it was better filled with stuffing for a more substantial hold. Otherwise it is my new bed partner! October 5, 2013
Love it I bought this to use with my iPad and Kindle. I love to read with both of these devices in my bed, but my hands get tired of holding them. With this nifty little pyramid pillow, I can read hands free except to advance the pages, of course. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that the slant of my kindle is a little far back when I'm reading in bed and the pyramid pillow is on my belly. However, it still works out ok, I just wish it was a tad more upright. The angle of the pillow is perfect when using it my lap while sitting up. The quality of the pillow is very good, and I love that it is so light and not weighing down on my lap or stomach when I use it. September 14, 2013
Disappointed I ordered this after reading the glowing reviews. It was expensive, but I figured it must be worth it . . . . well I got mine and It seems like it needs at least 3 more cups of the filling added to it, as it is very floppy and doesn't hold up my Kindle Fire like it should. This does NOT look like the one in the photo. I think the manufacturer showed you a model that was very stuffed, and now in production, they are cutting corners on the amount of filling. The shape of this is good, and the lip is good too. But the stuffing is an issue. I am going to have to add some, somehow. For a $39 item, I should not be having to remedy it myself. I ordered the beige canvas print. The canvas has a coating on it, think it is the fabric paint of the 'print'. It adds a bit of stiffness to the fabric, which helps make the thing stand up. But the stuffing lack is a big issue you really need to address. The top 4 inches of mine is empty.(see my pics attached, note the pillow's sides are still soft and wrinkly, so there would really be MORE than 4 inches needed to firm this up) September 6, 2013
Perfect Absolutely perfect. It is exactly what my husband wanted. He uses it all the time and he loves having his glasses in the pocket! August 31, 2013
Not like the photo online This was not like the photo. There is almost no stuffing in the top. My iPad would not stand up in portrait mode. I have the iPad 4 which is very light. It is an ideal shape but needs more support in peak to hold up. July 25, 2013
Don't know how I managed without it! Bought one for my daughter and after hearing her rave about it, decided I needed one. It's great to have a place to keep my glasses and tissues and so nice to have a place to keep a pen and pad of paper handy while reading or surfing the web. It's perfect on my lap or on a table, holds my tablet or reader at just the right angle and is easy to set aside or carry to another room. Love it! June 8, 2013
Pyramid Pillow Great idea, have now bought 3! Good gifts. June 3, 2013
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