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Deep Bookbox 4.4 5 13 13
Perfect Height for Several Uses Very few bookbox components seem to be available now, so I'm wondering if this line is being discontinued. I have 4 of this particular size and shape bookbox. They are sturdy, travel well (I've moved mine twice), fit underneath most windows, and are a good height to sit beside desks, electronic pianos, and some beds. I will be sorry if this line is discontinued. April 14, 2013
Bring back the drawers and doors! I have set of these in my office that includes a corner unit (which apparently isn't being made anymore either). I would love to expand my unit but Levenger doesn't make the doors anymore! They made the unit so much more functional and dust free. Like someone else mentioned, my units have started to wobble after many years. I noticed the the shelves have holes in them so they can be attached, but no hardware to attach them comes with the shelves. That would probably help with the wobbling issue. Such a shame that the options for this product are no longer available. January 30, 2013
Fabulous Service! I have 35 Bookcases I have purchased over many years, including 4 wooden doors that I never installed with hinges. Last year I was intent on getting this easy job done - but couldn't find hinges. I tried buying them at local stores with no luck. I was sure Levenger's wouldn't be able to help after so many years, but I was WRONG! Two weeks after telling them my story, the hinges arrived and are installed! YEAH for Levenger's - thanks for such great service! November 15, 2012
awesome Pretty like the book box from levenger. October 15, 2012
Not designed by a book person If the people who designed these shelves actually used them, they'd have made the adjustable shelf so that it doesn't sag. I think they would have made the units just two inches bigger so you could get three shelves of normally sized books per unit instead of two with wasted space. And if they put them together themselves, they would not have used pot metal for the hardware! And I'd love to know why they don't make the inside corner units anymore. They'd be so nice for wrapping around a wall instead of the gap that is created without them. Although this stuff is overpriced, I find nothing else like it. To get anything else that reaches from floor to ceiling would cost at least twice as much and require two people to move. The finish is nicer than most knock down furniture. So, even with my complaints, here I am back at the site to order some more units because, in the end, they win by default. April 2, 2012
Great product and excellent service We recently moved. We brought our book boxes with us, but we also bought some more book boxes. In the moving process, one box was damaged and Levenger went above and beyond to help us with the problem. In addition, Levenger went the extra mile to help us with our purchase of new book boxes. Everything is in place now and they look great. You might pay a bit more for this product, but it is well worth the quality and top notch product support. February 18, 2012
Attractive, very flexible, assembles easily. My one big disappointment is that there are no solid wood doors available for the boxes that would preclude sunned book spines and dust and make for a a most attractive finish and that there are no bases for the medium junior book box, but it is the lack of solid wood doors that truly limit their utility for long term book storage. October 22, 2011
These are great. I have had a set of the deep bookboxes for years. I love them. They are durable, versatile, attractive,and I want to buy more. September 5, 2011
excellent value I have purchased about twenty-five bookboxes and intend to purchase more. Good value for the money, attractive, sturdy, and functional. I do not have any of the older glass doors, but I do kind of wish that Levenger would bring them back, I think I could use a few of them. August 25, 2011
Great choice for do it yourself These products are well made, precise fit with simple assembly. Modular design allows for great flexibility in getting the most shelf space, desk etc in the smallest area. Quality materials make for long durability. First bought these almost 18 years ago for office, still looks great. Recently bout again for home and still same product. I do miss the option for doors on the larger lower unity however as this makes for a cleaner look when storing "stuff", not books. August 25, 2011
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