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  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation, Natural Cherry
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation, White
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation, Walnut
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation, Black
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation
  • Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation

Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation

Price: $299.00
Item: FA4210
Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.
Black and Cherry available beginning September 15th
Green, Walnut and White available beginning September 30th
A portable desk and laptop workstation
According to some ergonomic experts, alternating between sitting and standing as you work may be the best way to stay refreshed, relaxed and alert. The height of this portable laptop desk and reading table adjusts easily to suit your mood and need. Assembly required.
  • Smooth pneumatic lift for effortless height adjustment
  • Generous work surface can hold your laptop, iPad or notebook with room to spare
  • Rolls easily on carpet, hardwood or tile floors
  • Sturdy metal frame with a high-performance laminate surface
  • Black, white, cherry, espresso and walnut have a powder-coated metallic base
  • Red, orange, blue and green have a white base
  • Tabletop work surface, 28W x 18 3/4D
  • 27 pounds
  • Table height adjusts 27–40 inches
  • Weight capacity is 25 pounds
  • Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for delivery
Sit to Stand Rolling Workstation 4.4 5 72 72
Handy Portable Desk We were looking for a functional adjustable and portable desk to use with a small (13") laptop computer. We have always been pleased with Levenger's products and are pleased with this desk, made by Jesper Office. It ships "broken down' into its component parts. The instructions consist of an illustrated parts list and a series of diagrams with little text. Assembly took only a few minutes once I reviewed the illustrations carefully and examined the parts. It appears to be sturdy and the height of the table is easy to adjust. The lever that one pushes down to allow one to move the desk surface up or down seems to be permanently attached (I don't see any set screw that needs to be tightened). My only gripe is that the unit is NOT made in the USA. You would think that this is a product that could be easily made here and help create jobs here! August 29, 2015
functional, to a point Overall this table is great: its size, ease of motion, adaptability. What's not great is the accursed lever for moving the table's height. It falls off constantly. The set screw that allegedly exists to fasten the lever to the lift does nothing of the sort, so the nasty little part spends all its time flying off onto the floor and rolling away under other, better-behaved furniture. We've given upon it completely, which makes the table far less useful than it's advertised to be. A table like this is supposed to work - easily, consistently, unobtrusively. When it does, it's a joy; when it doesn't, as with this item, it's a constant annoyance. August 18, 2015
Best in class I wanted a portable desk around the house and something that would move up or down at the office. I bought one in cherry for the house. After a few weeks i bought expresso for my office. The quality seems to be great and the movement is smooth. I haven't seen a close alternative on the market. Very satisfied. May 21, 2015
This Will Help Your Office Attitude Science has recently determined that being lethargic all day at work is the equivalent to the effects of smoking on the body. Now is the time to get off your ever-widening can and take a stand. This Sit-to-Stand Rolling Workstation is just what the doctor ordered. As soon as I started using it, I was flooded with questions from co-workers asking me why I had it and where it came from. They have ordered one for themselves as well. This is perfect for any size office and portable enough to take it with you everywhere. You won't be disappointed with your purchase. April 24, 2015
Better than other solutions in our office Many of my co-workers have purchased other products to allow them to stand while working. I'm sure the products work well for them, but I wanted something that was more flexible. As I was leafing through the Levenger catalog, this product caught my eye. It's totally portable for navigating my small office or for relocating to a different work space with my 'desk-bound' colleagues. It's simple to assemble, well made and nicely finished. I am very happy with the product - and now the envy of the office. March 12, 2015
Exactly what I wanted I have a unique business where I collect information from clients while on the road then need to compile that data. Much of it is visual and gets pasted to the wall, so I needed a rolling desk to roll from picture to picture. But, I also need to stand up, walk around and sometimes dance around to get the creative juices going and needed an ad hoc stand up desk that could be my mobile creative pal. This suits perfectly. It is not wobbly even on carpet and rolls through standard door frames easily. It is solid and the height adjustment mechanism is sturdy. Easy and fast to assemble. All tools come with the desk. It supports a 5'1" person and a 6'2" person. And it came in orange!!! Perfect fit for us. February 12, 2015
Work-from-Home Must Have I made the New Year's resolution to sit less, and this workstation is part of my strategy. It enables me to easily work anywhere in my house, and that's the main reason I selected this item as opposed to a stationary standing desk. What surprised me most when I put it together was the size of the work surface. Not only does it hold my Macbook (which is perched on my Nantucket Laptop stand for added height and tilt), it also holds my iPad and phone with enough room left over for taking hand-written notes in my journal. This workstation is perfect for me, but may be a little on the short side for taller people (I'm 5' tall and am comfortable when the workstation is fully extended, so please read the reviews of those who are less vertically challenged). I also think the wheels could be a bit bigger to make the rolling experience smoother over carpeting, but I have hardwood and tile floors, so not an issue for me. Overall, I'm very happy with this investment. January 13, 2015
Good standing work table After searching for a standing table high enough to be useful, I landed on Levengers table. It rises to the advertized 42'' which for me, at 5'11" provides adequate height for using my laptop. The table comes in pieces, but puts together quickly with no additional tools. Some have noted a stability issue. I found the central nut at the base of the table needs to be torqued until the wobble goes away. It doesn't have the stability of a three or four legged table, but it's more than stable enough for typing on a laptop with a cup of coffee nearby. The lifting mechanism is smooth and the table has a nice contemporary look to it. For those of us who need a higher work surface, this table fits the bill. December 18, 2014
Conference Rooms for Presenters We have a large conference room center where presenters comes in with their laptop to present materials. Being able to use your adjustable work station is wonderful! It's large enough to hold a laptop and materials. Adjustable to a person's height. We also use in our offices, the work station can slide right under a desk and become a keyboard tray, pull out, adjust to stand. I can't begin to tell you how many we have sold just from people seeing them in action. December 5, 2014
Great Idea, Could be sturdier This table works alright for my needs, but I do understand the concern about a bit of wobbly-ness. At this price point, I would expect an rock-solid table top. On a positive note, being able to raise the table is helpful for presentations. November 20, 2014
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