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Skyline Bookcase 4.5 5 14 14
Nice but limited The style of the bookcase is great but the hole arrangements for the adjustable shelves make it much less useful than it could be. DVD's and paper back books can't be placed upright with uniform shelf spacing. A few extra holes would have improved this unit considerably. November 30, 2011
Very flexible bookcase, with modifications I enjoyed this bookcase. I think it is very flexible, with one caveat. Another reviewer commented that the holes were "eccentrically" spaced, making it hard to get the shelves at the right height for most books. This is true. However, I remedied this issue by drilling more holes myself. It took about an hour, but with this modification, I'm thrilled with the results. My other recommendation would be to assemble it upside-down. The fixed shelves are above the center of gravity of the piece, probably to accommodate both drawers and doors. However, if you are not going to get drawers or doors, this means that the larger shelves holding larger books are above the center of gravity of the piece, making it more unstable. Since it is symmetrical, I flipped it upside down when assembling and now my bigger books are on the bottom shelves, making it very, very stable. Levengers, take note -- you should drill more holes in the first place! March 13, 2011
Great for Small Apt. I purchased 6 of the Skyline bookcases and 3 of the Midboys with the goal of organizing a large personal library in a small apartment. I also wanted to be able to reconfigure my furniture arrangements as needed, so the small footprint/tall shelf-space suited me perfectly. Both sets of bookcases have worked admirably, although I will point out that when I made my first purchase the Skyline cost under $300 - since then the pricing has steadily increased. They are solidly made, easy to assemble, and the natural cherry veneer is really lovely. I consider them an excellent investment. December 31, 2009
It fits my space This is the only web page I found that had a bookcase this narrow and tall. Although it is veneer over composite wood, it is a good value; solid cherry would make it considerably more expensive. I put it together myself in about half an hour. The other shelves can be adjusted around the fixed shelves; I'm an artist and have several art history books and museum books that fit quite nicely on the shelves. The problem with oversize or large "coffee-table" books is that the shelves are not deep enough to handle them; even public libraries have the same problem. July 5, 2009
Not useful for books Because of the eccentric spacing of the holes for adjusting the shelves - in groups of three, with wide gaps between - and because of the location of the fixed shelves necessary to keep it stable, this bookcase cannot be adjusted efficiently to actually hold books. Standard hardcover books, mass market paperbacks, trade paperbacks, even oversize art books - none can have the shelves adjusted to truly fit them. If you plan to use it with the additional, extra cost drawers for general storage, this may fit your needs well. But I was very disappointed with its functionality for holding books. It does look nice, despite flaws in one side where it appears the holes were drilled incorrectly and then redone. And don't forget shipping costs will be very high on this thing. December 6, 2008
Good, but could be better The Skyline bookcase is a good product, but frankly could be either higher quality or less expensive. On the positive side, it is very functional and was very easy to assemble (a shade over 30 minutes, working alone). On the negative side, perhaps Levenger spoiled me with earlier barrister bookcases I bought that are solid cherry (and look it). The Skyline is a wood veneer over particle board (or somthing similar), and because of that, I think it is overpriced. Although assembly was very easy, the nuts used to fasten the bolts were all a bit loose fitting - they had to be repeatedly tightened during the assembly process, and when I set the case upright, one promptly fell out. This was not a big problem, but was annoying - closer manufacturing tolerances would remedy this easily. Despite the negatives, I may buy another unit, but did feel compelled to write to add a different perspective to some of the earlier reviews. December 4, 2008
Outstanding! Once again, Levenger demonstrates it's outstanding portfolio of products with these bookcases. I have always been wary of ordering "furniture" of any sort online, given the expectations around damage, not what you pictured, and especially concerns about quality. Given I have always found Levenger products exceptional, I decided to order 2 of the bookcases with the glass door and drawers. These items are not only very attractive, the quality was exceptional. Assembly was perfect -- everything was marked, and components fit together beautifully. I would highly recommend these pieces for your bookcase or media storage needs. Levenger, once again you have excelled! July 21, 2008
perfect for small footprint space The floor space required for the bookcase is small enough for 2 of my tight areas, and the it is tall and deep enough even for binders. We ordered 2 and had them assembled easily in an evening. They look great in our master bedroom ! March 8, 2008
very useful for narrow space easy to assemble. good looking wood. solid enough to hold many books in shelves and big vase on top. March 3, 2008
Stylish Skyline Very satisfied with how versatile the draws / shelves and doors are. At sale prices this is a phenominal bargain and worth using for entire library. At full price, it is a nice accent piece. January 19, 2008
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