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Elegant and Versatile I am about to order a second tray table since I love the one I bought a few weeks ago a lot: It is well made, light and stylish. It can easily double as a night table in a guest room or as a side table. I highly recommend it. December 21, 2012
Great, Practical Tray! This is very well made, very lightweight, and extremely practical. The tray itself is smooth and attractive, the stand is more heavy duty and stable than I thought it was going to be. I'm very pleased overall. Unfortunately, there was a small chip in the undersurface of the tray that I received. But, otherwise, a very nice item that will please anyone. June 4, 2012
A New Twist When I first saw the Tray Bon table in a recent catalog, I was a little nonplussed. I thought 'this is nothing but a fancy TV tray'. That it is and more!! Using that old standby (which is still a dinner staple in a number of homes), it applies upgraded materials, and functionality to the old design. If you have a number of Levenger furniture pieces in your home (which I do), this table will fit right in. The real twist is the design of the tray itself which allows you to use it as a lap desk. The bottom is smooth and comfortable, with none of the 'nubs' that the old trays had to clip to the stand. I purchased two of these for those 'couch potato' nights and I love them. June 2, 2012
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