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CEO Hybrid for Samsung Galaxy S 3 4.3 5 9 9
Almost perfect The latch should be a little longer to close more securely when credit cards are carried. One more slot for a little folding money would make me leave my wallet at home. November 23, 2013
Stylish case but... It's a trifle too small. My Galaxy S4 won't lie completely flat within the case so the leather prongs on the upper corners of the case don't wrap far enough around the phone to convince me that the grip is secure. I'm too afraid that the phone will slip out of the case to use the case so I'm returning it. September 6, 2013
Professional Perfection This case is perfect. It's a great fit for the Galaxy, is rugged enough to provide coverage even when dropped (eek), and it does so without being encased in rubber. It offers a simple yet sleek cover to not distract from the Samsung's style --and it easily slips into a pocket. This unique -- and low cost case -- is quite consistent with the highly regarded Levenger design and quality. Thank you. Next one, how about adding another color or two... September 3, 2013
very professional I have had the case for about a week and have gotten numerous compliments. I only gave it 4 stars for style because I would have enjoyed b brighter color options like some of your other items. July 27, 2013
It started fraying after 3 days I was so excited to get this product and it looked great. Unfortunately, the threads around the outside of the cover started fraying after only 3 days. It is also a little hard to talk since you have to bend the cover back. I am afraid this will probably have to go back. July 22, 2013
Protection and Looks both in one My wife/son purchased this case for me for fathers day for my Verizon Samsung Galaxy s3. I was using the OEM flip cover from Samsung before that which did not protect the device at all (as confirmed by the dings). My initial thoughts was that this Hyrbid case would end up adding too much bulk but that has not been the case. The phone fits snug in the case and is easily removable. For anyone who owns a book style case like this, if you take a lot of photos, you know will probably remove the case for a while, as the cover gets in the way and is awkward (This goes for all Book style cases). If you are taking a photo here and there, not a big deal. I have dropped my phone a few times and this case has protected it. The cover stays firmly gripped when closed. Protection wise, it works well for me. The leather, design and feel of this case are pretty nice too. Reminds me of the old cases I used in my pocket pc days. The front cover flips to the back when you are using the phone for actual phone calls. I have added some business cards in the provided slots which have also been very handy for me. I rated this 4 stars on the value only because I think case makers can sell them for cheaper than they do. However, the $30 does get you a good value for what this case is and the protection it offers. I guess in comparison, if you bought one of those dumb plastic cases that are all over the malls in those mall carts, they cost you $15 alone and only last a few weeks and don't usually offer screen protection. I use this case everyday and don't plan on changing it out anytime soon. (they also offer a one year warranty on it) June 27, 2013
Perfect for Galaxy III Exactly what you want. Corners reinforced for protection. Leather for style. Snap shut does not use a magnet. Very snug fir- the phone will not slip out. The accessory package that came with the phone had cruddy cases that were not made for the Galaxy- they are terrible. I bought two thinking one would be a gift but I kept both. One for gym, one for everything else. Better to spend $30 once than pay $8 a month for insurance. April 8, 2013
Perfect in every way! I just purchased my second CEO Hybrid for a Galaxy S3--these are great! Perfect fit, protects and phone in every way. Doesn't affect use of phone at all--can still talk, text, etc. without any problems. And it is SO very nice to find a case actually made for the Galaxy S3--so many items are just for I-Phones. And if it is like other Levenger products, this will stay in beautiful shape forever!!! People always are envious of my Levenger leather products--and I am proud to send new customers your way!!! March 4, 2013
EXACTLY what I've been searching for! I've had this case for several weeks now, and it is holding up well. Sleek, stylish...much different from all those plastic and rubberized numbers that everyone else has. My GS3 fits perfectly and is completely functional inside the case--I don't believe I've had reason to take it out at all yet. Cover folds completely over for easy access to your full screen. The card slots are perfect for one card each, although I did squeeze my insurance and license in together so I could retire my wallet completely. A 3rd slot would have been helpful, but then again, leaving my credit cards in my briefcase has even helped me cut down on my impulse spending! I couldn't be happier! February 18, 2013
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