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Pocquettes™ Earbud Holder

Price: $19.00
Item: AL10475
Harness your earbuds
Shaped like Rover's favorite treat, this clever leather piece invites you to wind your earbuds around the grooves, then wrap the snappable strap across to fasten.
  • No more tangles
  • Easy-open clasp can hook onto a key fob
  • Silky, textured full-grain leather, au naturel to bring out the expressiveness of the grain
  • Nickel hardware
  • 1 1/4W x 1/8D x 2 7/8H
Pocquettes Earbud Holder 4.8 5 67 67
Simple pleasures are the best! I purchased one of these for my earphones due to the constant annoyance of the ridiculous little box holder that came with the earphones. I liked it so much, I bought a second one to wrap up my other cords when I go traveling. The hook is wonderful for attaching to a belt loop, purse or briefcase strap, or key ring. Although it may seem a little pricey, the quality is great. It makes a really nice small gift for someone who appreciates form and function -- especially with the included gift box and the added monogram option. It's funny how such a little gadget can improve your daily life. Simple pleasures are the best! August 15, 2014
Nifty and useful! Ah Levenger, How do you anticipate my needs before I know I have them. Love the Pocquettes Earbud Holder especially that there is a little clip so it doesn't go missing in my giant purse. I even bought one for my teenage daughter as a birthday gift! June 4, 2015
Will Decrease Your Frustration Levels I hate when earbud cords get tangled, and this cute little item is the perfect solution. They never get tangled now, and my frustration levels have decreased considerably. I got mine monogrammed, which is one of those special Levenger touches I appreciate so much. March 28, 2015
Works Pretty Well Bought this for my husband and it seems to be working well enough. It took a little playing around to get the cord to wrap in a good spot so the ear buds didn't flap around but other than that, I think it was definitely worth the money! February 26, 2015
good idea/so-so functionality I like the style, color, and the wrap around snap. It's a good solution for a tangled earbud cord. I definitely needed that. However, the wrapping and unwrapping takes about as long as untangling the cord, so , while it's less frustrating than untangling, it doesn't save time in getting your earbuds out and on. It's just as fast for me to wrap the earbuds around my iTouch and saves the time of getting out another device. However, it does free up the iTouch so that I can open it for other uses than music, so on balance it's better to have it than not. It's also a little hard to know where to store this. It seems designed for a keychain, but that makes the keychain really bulky (esp if you have a lot of keys like I do). However, unless you attach it to something, it's easy to lose (and I've already lost one and had to buy another one). I've started hooking it to my iTouch carry case which works pretty well, but it makes the iTouch hard to put into a pocket. This product could be a really good solution for someone's particular circumstances, but I'd consider the above before making the purchase. It's pricey for something that might not offer much benefit on balance. January 1, 2015
Finally Tangle Free I bought these for myself to use with my iPod at the gym. I was tired of taking it out of my gym bag and untangling the cords. The earbud holder keeps my buds neat and tangle free. I enjoy the ease of use. December 31, 2014
Wife loved it! Not often I hit the bullseye when it comes to gifts, but my wife loves her red earbud holder! Her earbuds are habitually tangled into knots and frankly, this gift was more for me since I'm the one who ends up spending time trying to untangle her mess! December 25, 2014
Fabulous idea! This little item has solved an age old problem of tangled ear buds. This keeps them in good shape--I just tuck it in an outside pocket of my purse and they are good to go! December 13, 2014
Everybody's Favorite Stocking Stuffer This little earbud holder is going to be everyone's favorite gift this year! Perfect size, well-made in fine leather, in eye-popping colors, with a sturdy snap and a genius clip - Order them monogrammed or be prepared to have them "borrowed"!! - Because this is the kind of gift everyone can use but hardly anyone knows it exists. I'm going to order a couple more for myself to keep around as spares. Brilliant idea, beautifully executed! December 11, 2014
Love It My earbuds were always hanging from my rearview mirror in my car. This drove my husband crazy. With this holder I can keep them on my keychain and have them with me at all times. No problem keeping up with them now. November 22, 2014
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