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Notebook Belt Set of 2 4.4 5 19 19
Nice and Uncomplicated Such a simple idea, yet effective for its purpose. Some reviewers have said they are too loose, and if your Circa notebook is thin, without too many pages, then that is true. For a full notebook with 1-1/2" discs, it is just right. February 5, 2015
Too loose I purchased this product to be used in conjunction with my Full size circa planner. I bought the size that should have been correct to the planner size. The actual straps were too loose. I have returned them in the hopes that the smaller straps will fit the full size planer more snuggly. Here's to hoping.... January 22, 2015
Such a great idea. keeps books and notebooks together in the bag. I have creased and damaged so many over the years. They are a little bulky and would like to see a slimmer option and maybe other colors. But overall great quality and vibrant colors. Using them on everything I toss into my bag. January 11, 2015
a versitile item, with many uses. This is my first time purchasing these. I'm thinking that I may have to get more, because I can think of many other uses for them besides just books and notebooks. December 18, 2014
Notebook Belts -purple As soon as I saw the color I had to buy them! Purple is my favorite color and my husband's. As well the color of my company logo. I love the way the planner looks and I can be sure that my papers won't fall out. The pen slot is so convenient also! December 18, 2014
Where Has This Been All My Life? As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to buy some! I like to carry books and notebooks around with me, but hate it when they fall open in my bag and get the pages all scrunched. These solve that problem nicely. I also use them to hold my CIRCA planner closed, along with my Notabilia To Do Journal. I love the pen loop included on the belt, but be advised that some of the thicker pens with rubberized bits where you hold them will not work well with these. I had to look a bit to find slim ballpoint pens without rubber grips to use with these belts. All in all, though, a great idea. So glad to have found them! November 13, 2014
Tighten your Belt! I recently purchased and received the Notebook Belts - I am so happy with the function of something so simple! It not only keeps my notebook (letter size) together, but the pen loop makes it easy to always have my pen ready vs digging through my bag for it! I also noticed someone posted a picture with their reading glasses which is yet another great use for this! I bought purple and love the pop of color! Can't go wrong with these!! I'll probably buy some more in different colors to further differentiate my various notebooks. It would be great if you could buy a pack with all 4 colors! October 2, 2014
Great item! If you tend to overstuff your notebook, these are fantastic for keeping it from exploding all over your desk/car/floor. I have four, and keep finding new uses for them around my house! September 9, 2014
like these bands just wish these came in different colors as so to coordinate with all the other circa notebooks. September 4, 2014
Helpful belts These belts are great. I keep my junior Circa notebook pretty full, so the belt is useful to keep things secure when I'm carrying it and using at several stops like errands and meetings.. It works great to mark the current page as well. 'Love the pencil holder--'can never have too many writing implements with me and putting it on the outside of the notebook helps reduce the volume. I also use it on my kindle. It's a little large for that device, but I've adjusted how I use it and it works well. I bought 4 of the belts because I know I'll come up with additional uses! August 21, 2014
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