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Work Play iPad Folio Letter 3.9 5 9 9
Very useful and professional This was a great deal! The product is exactly what I needed for meetings to combine the use of my tablet with paper. I also have the smaller size version and love that I the tablet holder can be moved between products without taking the tablet out of its case. June 18, 2015
Will keep it, thought not the best I cannot depend on the magnet to hold my Ipad, but it does work in terms of having the pad and my Ipad together for work/meetings. I have an Ipda air, not the ipdar air 2, and it fits fine, so I am not sure about the one who wrote otherwise. I love My Levenger Products but, but this one has not been the best for sure, but it does fit most of my purpose for it June 11, 2015
Great products This is a very functional ipad holder, Ilove the color. the price was great. The magnets are very strong. I have used Levengers products for years. I tell all my friends too take a look at Levengers web sight. June 11, 2015
First Disappointment I love Levenger products. This is the first time I have been disappointed. The case is very nice but I was less than happy about the magnets used to hold the iPad. I did not feel comfortable that they would hold. They have already proven to be less than reliable. I will sadly be returning the item per the recommendation of the customer service responses to other comments. February 26, 2015
Perfect for meetings! I really like the IPAD work and play letter size folio. It allows me to take notes and still have access to technology. It is a very useful tool that relieves me of the cumbersome task of trying to juggle so much stuff. November 13, 2014
Almost right, but not quite So close to what I was looking for but the ipad doesn't hold secure and there's no place to keep loose papers. November 4, 2014
Great Item w/the full size note pad My reason in purchasing this product was for the full size note pad. The paper quality is great. The folio is made with great quality. I am not having any trouble with the magnets as a previous post noted. I gave 4 stars for only 1 reason. The ipad holder is not designed for the ipad air. I had to use my smart cover to wedge in to keep the ipad from sliding around in the holder. If the ipad air fit perfect in the holder, this would be 5 stars. February 15, 2014
Attachment Issue Good Concept but design is poor. Magnets are very weak so Ipad does not hold in folder. Folder itself feels cheap. Design change might consider velcro pad, stronger magnets or making the holding area recessed into folder to make more secure. No monogramming offered either. Usually a big Levenger fan but not on this product. February 15, 2014
Lovely but a bit disappointing This is a beautiful case. The ipad part of the folio lifts off and can be used by itself (in my purse for example). But or should i say BUT do not expect the magnets on the ipad to hold the ipad in the folio! Im keeping it but would not recommend relying on the folio in any situation where the magnets are solely responsible for saving your ipad! November 27, 2013
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