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300 Nonpersonalized 3 x 5 Cards (Ruled or Grid)

Price: $25.00 Now $14.00 Save 44%
Item: ADS6780
Exceeding 3 x 5 card expectations
When we learned how many of our customers still use the tried-and-true method of writing on note cards for creative projects and reminders, we decided to make our popular 3 x 5 cards even better than before. So scribble and notate to your heart's content on these top-quality index cards.
  • Set of 300 white cards
  • Choose ruled or grid
  • Thick and substantial 250-gsm card stock
  • Designed to be friendly to all types of ink
  • 3W x 5H
300 Nonpersonalized 3x5 Cards 4.5 5 16 16
3 x 5 cards Simple, fast without fear of breaking as with electronic media. March 27, 2015
Best Cards Ever Levenger cards are by far the best! I have them in lined, blank, and personalized. I only wish they would return with the circa cards. They attached to the circa notebook like a notepad and were also perforated to become standard size 3x5 cards. I only have maybe a dozen left. February 19, 2015
Better than generic cards The many styles of this card available is reason enough to use them; however, they are also of much higher quality than generic 3 X 5 cards. July 18, 2014
Still Excellent, but Not as Good as Old Ones I am a longtime fan of Levenger, and have used their Circa products, notepads, fountian pens and notecards for many years. I've found all to be excellent products. However, I am a little disappointed in these newest notecards. By way of comparison, I just purchased 300, 3x5 ruled cards in early December. The cost was $18.75 with a 25% discount from the regular price of $25.00. The last time I purchased these cards was in Feb 2012. At that time, the cost was $28.00 for 500 cards. No discount. So, the price has gone up a fair amount. The more important change is the cards themselves. I use these cards to write down a brief synopsis of our pending workload (bullet points) then carry the card with me throughout the day as I talk with employees and customers alike. They are an important part of my daily routine. What I liked previously was the fact the lines were printed in a very light gray - enough for you to see them, but light enough they were not a distraction. With the newest cards, the color of the ink is several shades darker. As a result, the lines are more of a distraction. You can see what I am talking about in the attached photo. The new cards are on the left. There is no difference in the color of the cards only the lines. A few caveats - I am very picky about the products I use regularly. When I find something that works, I stick with it. The new cards are more than useable, they just aren't as good as the old ones. Most people may not even notice the difference, but I wish Levenger would go back to the old lighter ink. December 17, 2013
Love these I have used these cards for years. They are always handy and sturdy enough to last through extended use for things like "to do" lists. December 8, 2013
great product for the money spent.good value. great refill for wallet that uses this item... November 15, 2013
Vertical Index Cards - Awesome! I've purchased these cards for about 4 years because they are absolutely awesome, fun and functional for jotting down notes at home, maintaining files of daily work, and just whatever your imagination envisions. The quality remains the same and it is great to have lined on both sides. The one thing I truly miss is, availability in pastel colors; yellow, blue, gray, tan and green. The colors helped with organization and I still use the stylish box that my 200 cards came in (several yrs ago) for storage/filing - fits nicely on my desk. Thank you! September 21, 2013
High quality for 3 x 5 cards! Purchased these along with a pocket briefcase. Perfect fit and the ruling is just right as well. The quality of the paper stock was surprising thick for a 3 x 5 card. I was expecting something thinner and of less quality. Absorbs ink great too. September 1, 2013
...Wish there where again the 3x5 Leather Action ...Folio in Junior or in Letter or may a Combination for Ipad and or Ipad Mini and 3x5 Cards. I tried everything what Levenger had to offer, but I always jump back to the 3x5 Cards, doesn't matter how hard I try. These are my Favorites as a Writer. I wish Levenger would put the 3x5 Leather Folios back into their Stock or a Folio Combination with IPad. I would be the First to buy. I miss the Variety of 3x5 Items very much. I think in this High Tech World, this is one Item, which will survive, because out of its portability and their Size. Bring it back, please Levenger. :O((( July 23, 2013
Card stock too heavy I have been using this system virtually since it was invented, but I am very disappointed with the quality of the cards now. There are far thicker and heavier than they used to be, making it more difficult to fit several in the Pocket Briefcase. June 24, 2013
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