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Perfect for any purpose Super-smooth leather. Once you hold it you won't want to let it go! It's flexible and supple, meaning that the whole folio can be flexed slightly (depending on the thickness of your pad) making it easier to hold or fit into a bag/satchel, etc. Foldback design. The ability of the cover to be wrapped around the back of the pad means that you can use the folio in the field in the same way as a clipboard. At a desk it means you only need to take up half the space a normal folio requires (handy at crowded meetings where space around the table is at a premium, or when you're in the bus or on the train and don't have a lot of space around you). The only concession is that whatever is stored in the pockets on the cover flap might be dislodged, or smeared into some food scrap left on the table! Magnetic flap closure. This works really well to keep the cover closed without any possibility of mechanical failure. Also, when the cover flap is folded back behind the pad, you can use the same magnetic flap to keep the cover in its new place! Clever. Storage pockets on cover flap. There are ample storage pockets for note paper from the pad, for 3x5 cards, business cards, envelopes, stamps, etc. I like the three main pockets that can be used to keep papers grouped (rather than all together as with most folio pockets). There is also a zipped pocket behind these for private items or other fairly flat non-paper items (however Letter or A4 paper will have to be folded in order to use this pocket). There is another "hidden" behind the pad too, accessible from the "spine" of the folio - great for hiding confidential notes you have just made (but the pen has to be removed from the pen holder to use this effectively). Pen holder. This does a fine job of holding most pens! You can't really fold back the cover flap when there is a pen in the holder (as this is at the "hinge" point) but if you're using the folio you'll need to get your pen out anyway. Paper size. Supplied and made for US Letter size paper, it also takes A4 paper and pads without any problems (except as noted with zipped pocket above). Things to watch out for: If you drop it upside down things might fall out of the pockets as there is no zip around the outside, but you can't have everything. In the field if you fold back the cover flap be aware that wind may try to remove things from the exposed pockets. When the cover flap is folded back and you're using the folio standing people may see part of what's stored in your flap pockets. In wet weather, make sure the spine is facing up to prevent rain drops spoiling your documents. Overall, a fanstastic product. I was so impressed with the one I use at home for letter-writing/correspondence, I bought another for work. :) July 28, 2013
An awesome gift Purchased the Softolio as a law school graduation present for a young attorney in my office. It is stylish, practical and something that can be used for years. The perfect gift for the occasion! The Levenger gift box was itself impressive and added to the moment. July 24, 2013
Good quality and design The leather is very soft and it's the only pad folio I could find with a soft cover, which I prefer. It is beautifully made, with many useful pockets. Great to take to meetings to take notes. July 22, 2013
Durable and Beautiful I purchased my Softolio at your Delray store approximately ten years ago. Since then, it has been used almost daily, as it accompanied me to meetings, classes, business trips, etc. It is still in almost-new condition, with the red leather maintaining its durability and beauty to this day, despite minimal maintenance (I have cleaned it several times with leather cream). I especially like the many pockets inside, which easily hold notes, cards, business cards, handouts, etc. etc. I'm now retired and use it regularly for my volunteer work, household records, and so forth. I love, love, love this folio and HIGHLY recommend it. May 7, 2012
Bring back the 5 x 8 Folio You really need to bring back the 5 x 8 size folios because they're perfect for including in a hand bag and I have been using the ones I have purchased but am ready to replace it with another. Alas, there are none to be found. Please consider bringing it back or using that size to accommodate an e-reader that is smaller, like the kindle. October 12, 2011
My B&N "Nook" cover As an IT person, I like gadgets. However, I had always looked at devices like the Nook, and Amazon's Kindle as something I did not think I would like, because I like to be able to take notes in the books margins. Once I starting looking more into these devices, and learning that you could take notes inside the device, I decided to give them a second chance. Being an advocate of open source technology, I had to evaluate these devices based on what content you could upload/download to them and make a decision. I didn't like the Kindle's proprietary media files, and leaned that Barnes and Nobles' Nook accepted the EPUB format. The media format was heavily weighted in my decision making, and I also think the Nook is a much better looking device. The Nook looks like something Apple would design, and I couldn't stand the Kindles gaudy keyboard - it just turned me off (along with the proprietary media format) My next requirement was some kind of cover to protect the device, and I immediately thought of Levenger. Levenger has always made products that give you form and function. I had been utilizing my junior Softfolio for a way to organize my home computer network setup, but could easily transfer that to a junior Meeting Master I had that was not currently being used. So, the junior Softfolio has been relegated to the Nooks new home. The Nook slides into the top left hand slot, while the other slots are home to index cards and compact sized grid paper. I use the junior notepad for taking notes, which I can later use my circa punch to fit them into my junior sized "Bookography". The zipper portion holds the USB cable, and other miscellaneous things. This marriage of both analog, and digital has satisfied my new book reading setup. The Nook is much better than I ever thought, and I am able to read faster and with less strain on my eyes. The Softfolio is the bridge that helped me cross over to the digital e-reader, and has allowed me to keep some of the old school analog pieces of yesteryear :-) October 26, 2010
Best folio I've ever owned I purchased the letter sized version of the Softolio in red a few years ago. I have used it almost non-stop since. Its perfect for taking committee meeting notes (I also use Levenger's annotated ruled pads), for taking to court with me, to conferences and carrying in the car for lists. It doesnt show wear at all and is delightfully flexible with plenty of room for additional files, papers and pens. I still get compliments on it. April 19, 2010
Personal Folio This is a nice folio that I use as a personal item and not work. I find the pockets to be highly functional and accommodates all my various stationary. The leather is true to its name, very soft and extremely pliable...often write with it folded over. I can fit a circa notebook without issue and the magnet is strong enough to keep it closed. Highly recommended March 10, 2010
Perfect Gift I received this folio as a college graduation gift from my best friend and I absolutely love it. The leather has a lush, supple feelings. The monogram makes it particularly special. It's going to get plenty of use in grad school! :) August 17, 2009
At last! Just what I've been looking for! I can zip up my smart phone for access to my calendar and still take notes. Very classy looking too! April 6, 2009
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