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Ledgerdomain Journal

Price: $30.00
Two or more each $26
Item: ADS5550
A ledger book and journal
Ledger books have long accounted for much of the world's history, from John Hancock's purchases to Harry Truman's school records. This ledger-style journal is the new-century version, with ruled pages with an annotation margin to sum up or highlight each page's notes.

Here's what Gail Godwin, award-winning novelist, essayist and inveterate journaler, has to say about it: "I love the numbered pages, the heft of it, and the right-page margin on the right side. In my praise for how useful it was, I forgot to mention how beautiful it was: the cover, the gold edging, the bookmark. I am christening it by beginning my next novel in it."

  • Sturdy canvas-covered hardcover
  • 200 ruled and numbered pages, sewn in for greater strength and durability
  • Lie-flat binding makes it easier to write in
  • Acid-free, 100-gsm ruled cream paper with gilded edges
  • 7 5/8W x 10 3/4H

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Ledgerdomain Journal 4.7 5 24 24
Poem - A Ledger Book A Ledger Book with a Journal Look Poem Ledger books used to be for Accounting But, for me, it’s for idea Innovating. Like in the past, It will keep you clean and fast. With classic-ruled pages and golden edges, It’s for idea Creating. No more cluttered past, This will keep you prepared and unsurpassed. The solid canvas hardcover unites 200 pages To tell the story of the Conqueror’s Making. It lies flat and simple to log, and carries thru the nights for ages. I know this acid-free cream paper will endure and last. With an annotation margin to clarify my notes, I begin my ledger book for idea Innovating. A ledger journal cannot compare. This record book will keep you charmed. April 19, 2010
Engage your writing - Buy this journal! I use this journal for work where I am in meetings for a large percentage of the day. The cream (ecru) color of the pages is very easy on the eyes for any color ink. The paper is quality and has little if any bleed-through. I've received a number of compliments on this journal. I like the margin divider to help set apart actions and summary points during a meeting. I like the page numbering to help me with indexing my minutes and work activities. I spent a little more for this with my own (not my employer's money) so that I could be more engaged in meetings. What I mean is, this journal--with its quality and classic style--demands attention (but not ostentatiously) and thus the meeting content demands my attention as a participant worthy of the journal. I used to use cheap spiral notebooks, but they resulted in cheap (messy) notes and a doodlepad. The quality paper is comfortable under the penpoint and my wrist. The covers are sturdy so that if you need to take notes on your lap during a meeting, you have a firm backing and foundation upon which to write. Levenger, do NOT discontinue this product! I will buy more. February 2, 2010
A great gift idea I purchased this journal as a gift for a friend who writes when she travels, which is often. She is thrilled with this product. It is monogrammed, sturdy, and looks very classy. I'll be ordering one for myself soon! March 15, 2014
Great Tool I manage a number of clients and keep detailed notes. To keep details for each client confidential, I maintain a journal for each client. This keeps my notes concise and easy to find. Including my initials on the cover adds the level of professionalism that a want to exhibit for my clients. March 11, 2014
Exactly What I Was Looking For Not long ago, I saw a 5-year journal in a shop, and, while I liked the idea, I didn't like that particular journal. Thankfully, there's the internet. After a little shopping around online, I found this site, and this journal. I'll admit, i was a little hesitant about the price -- not that $30 seems unreasonable, just that $30 without seeing it first, feeling it, holding it -- well, I had to think about it. Over the next few days, I kept returning to look at it, and, after reading other reviews, I decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with the journal, though, for some reason I was expecting it to be larger. I'd seen the dimensions listed, but, still, was expecting it to be a bit larger. But, it isn't a big deal. The size is standard journal size -- smaller than a hardcover book, more like a large-sized trade paperback. It's a good size to carry with you. The pages are a nice thickness: the ink doesn't show through (I just use a ball-point), and having used fountain pens in the past, I think the ink wouldn't show through if you used a fountain pen. The binding is superb -- sewn well, yet lays flat for easy writing. The attached ribbon bookmark is a nice feature. The only negative would be the lack of color choices -- there are no choices. It's just a neutral brownish-grey. It's not bad, But, I'd like a nice, rich blue. I liked it so much, that I ordered another one, just to be sure I'd have one 5 years from now when this one is filled. December 1, 2013
Phenomenal gilded edges makes for beautiful piece This is a phenomenal use. Of blank space. As a ledger, there could be none more pure. The thick paper, with its gilded edges makes it just a beautiful piece. The personalization of it, made it even more of a special item with intrinsic value. I own dozens of levenger items and most are made to be with you for as long as you are willing to use it, a lifetime if necessary, even longer in some cases. There have been a lot to inherit levenger items, or more so than most would think. They just tend to build products that can last a hundred years and more. If I did not have the personalization, I would include pictures, otherwise, just a beautiful piece. Could not say it enough! October 24, 2013
Perfect. My husband and I both retired within the past year and a half. We've taken several cross-country trips since then, and it finally dawned on me that I should be documenting our travels. Oh, I've scribbled a few notes in whatever tablet was handy, but then I can't find them when I want to refer to them. Where did we buy that turquoise necklace again? What was the name of that great restaurant we ate at (coming AND going) in that tiny town in the Texas Panhandle? This book will be perfect for the job. Too big to lose track of, but small enough to fit in the door pocket of the car so it's close at hand. And its quality provides a feeling of permanence. Perhaps our grandkids will read about our little excursions some day! Can't wait to hit the road again. October 19, 2013
Good Solid Journal As I am getting older, I am making an effort to "journal". I have been searching for the right one. So far this seems to be it! The margin is a nice addition for adding the entry date, and to make notations as I reflect on what I have written. Of course the real deal, is the PRICE! July 9, 2013
Great Product! I bought this journal to keep track of my business letters (Thank you notes, letters, etc). It is very durable and looks great! I plan on buying more for gifts! June 30, 2013
Journaling elevated A gift to myself, Ledgerdomain, I did buy. My newly married initials, on the cover inscribed. The pages much larger, a delight to see-- plenty of room for a rambler-onner like me. My moleskine, still having pages, I wrote more than enough, for months In hopes of filling it to justify starting this one. This morning, I sat, and filled up my pen excited for possibility, for starting again. Each journal, for me, covers a phase-- perhaps different feelings, or ages... or days... This new one, so lovely, so very well made, each stroke of the pen, each word, it will stay. The paper just right, my ink won't bleed through (If you love journaling and fountain pens, this one's for you.) Please don't discontinue, keep selling them, please! I want a whole shelf filled up with these. For my children and their children to pore over and laugh, to break out the tissues, to try and hold back The tears of joy, the empathy, too. Every page turn should whisper 'I'm still here, with you.' And somewhere, they'll find, on the Levenger site, a Ledgerdomain of their own, and they'll sit down to write. Despite all of the easier ways that there are, nothing beats pen and paper, nothing by far. Thank you for the beautiful things that you sell, my life is well written, and I use my things well. April 15, 2013
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