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FAF Deskside Pad 4.8 5 30 30
Second time around part 2 I love these pads and the refills - so much that I bought a new set for home and took the old one to my office. The unit is heavy enough to stay put and east to find on my cluttered desk - always there when you need to jot a note. The paper itself is lightweight enough that I don't feee l like I am killing a whole tree every time I jot a note to myself. June 11, 2015
Great desk note pad I am perpetually looking for a sheet of paper to make a list. This is a nice, heavy, note pad that is refillable. The paper felt very thin when I opened it up. It is - but, it's surprisingly nice to write on. There's no bleed through, which was my big fear. (I love Sharpies.) It's a little pricey for what it is, but I would recommend it. Others have said they don't like the feet. That's a feature I love because the pad is always where I leave it. The base is heavy enough that it doesn't get trapped between other papers. I do wish there were pale grid refills like the Circa paper. (Levenger, hope you are listening!). April 16, 2015
Good pad. Frustrated with cheap pads, especially ones that don't tear off properly. So I indulged in the small version of the FAF deskside notepad -- I'm very happy. The base looks smart, doesn't slip. The paper tears off easily, neatly. The paper is thin (from the packaging it looks like Levenger sells this, they don't actually make it) but I haven't seen any bleeding after using a gel pen. Would definitely recommend. January 31, 2015
Liked this so much I got one for myself I bought this at Xmas time for my daughter & her boyfriend. I liked it enough to sink another $100 (including refills) and get one for myself. The metal plate is on the thin side and that is my major complaint. I also do not love the feet that keep it from moving. I think of these things as rather minor gripes, but having said that, I would try to source the original on eBay, and I would imagine that the original style has a more substantial feel to it. I almost wish we had the option to choose the original over the re-thought, re-engineered. I have also found myself wishing that Levenger sold a pencil cup with a similar finish. Paging eBay....... January 29, 2015
A no-padding pad review I work next to a small cubicle with room for very few items and this pad is one of them. Its size and its look complement the cubicle top which is in plain view of my patients. A quick note is easily accomplished and that's what a pad should do. Right?. January 15, 2015
Stylish and practical Sits well on the desk with no slipping or movement. The perforations are complete and the tear-off is clean. the paper is sufficiently heavy to prevent bleed through. All in all a very good item. December 25, 2014
Classy, chic and so unique Can't live with this pad I have to tell, pens write so well Best products ever had. November 25, 2014
Very Poor Quality Bought this based on other reviews. The paper is very thin. Grid paper is not available. The item is made out of thin aluminum with sharp edges - you will get cut if you slide your finger along the edge. The coating on the aluminum is scraped on the round top edge - probably caused when forming the round during production. The back is so flimsy it is deformed by the brass screws. Rubber pads on back are very thin and I wouldn't expect them to stay attached for very long. Wouldn't buy it again if the price were $5.00. October 24, 2014
I have been using the medium pad for about a month now and find it to be very useful. Before I would write notes on the back of envelopes and scraps of paper and then could not find them. Now when I take a note it is all right on the pad in front of me, when I have completed the task, it gets removed and on to the next note. The weight of the pad keeps it from moving while writing. the paper is a little light , but it serves its purpose. Over all a nice addition to my desk. October 13, 2014
Best desk notepad This is the best notepad that I've found, by far! The feature that I like best, is that due to the weight of the notepad holder, and the rubber grip feet, its stays immobile. I keep this on my desk, by my computer, and instead of needing one hand to hold my notepad steady as I jot down notes, I can use the notepad one-handed. I have very limited desk space, and it's so much easier. I already bought the 1000 sheet refill packs. July 10, 2014
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