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Circa Monthly Tabs Pullout Calendar Compact 4.2 5 10 10
Calendar Formats I prefer the Sun-Sat. calendar format, too. Last year, I tried the Mon-Sun format, and ended up ordering Sun-Sat. I am assuming Levenger is dropping that format entirely. Is this correct? Thank you for your attention to this matter. June 28, 2015
Week format is confusing While I love many of the Circa products, I was very disappointed purchasing these monthly tabs (for the first time). Why does Monday start the week instead of Sunday? For decades I've used other planners where Sunday was always the first day of the week. It was so confusing that I threw out the Circa monthly tabs and replaced them with another company's, whose week format is correct. Of course I had to punch the tabs to make them fit in my notebook, but now I can do my work right. I don't intend to purchase Circa's monthly taps again, unless they adjust the week format to what it's supposed to be--Sunday is the 1st day of the week :) January 28, 2015
Love it BUT it's being DISCONTINUED I love the monthly tabs and use them in all my planners (yes I have a coulpe). I was unable to locate the Junior tabs online so I chated with a customer service rep...I just found out Levenger is DISCONTINUING THE MONTHLY TABS AND PULLOUT CALENDAR IN ALL SIZES (Letter, Junior, and Compact). This is extremely disappointing to me because I use this product ALL the time and I NEED IT for all my planners/agendas. January 21, 2015
It Should Start With Sunday The size of the boxes is nice for writing in, and I realize they would be smaller if another column was added. But it is going to take some getting used to that my week starts on Monday. It's not like I don't do things on the weekend, Levenger. I'd also rather have a one page overview of all twelve months rather than (in addition to?) a pull-out calendar. Or a three year/all twelve month overview would be great. December 30, 2014
Great Size I have been carrying this size in my purse for years. I can record my schedule and keep notes. I have older style clear covers with elastic band to hold it closed. Not too bulky since it is monthly. December 22, 2014
Great I love the beginning of the month has goal lists, and behin the month has notes March 29, 2014
I love Levenger! I've been using Levenger products for 10 years now and I'm always proud to display my Circa notebooks, my pens, and to use the monthly tabbed calendar pages. As both a reader and a writer I never cease to find something I want in every catalog. Thanks for your commitment to excellence in all you do. It show! February 25, 2014
Love the Pullout Callendar I buy this every year just for the pullout calendar. I throw ou the monthly stuff. I travel 365 days a year for my job on a national tour of a brodaway show and I need to be able to see the year-at-a-glance to see what city I'm going to be in. I wish I could buy the year-at-a-glance pullout calendar buy itself without the filler pages. I've tried to recreate one myself on Excel, but it's just not as nice as the Levenger one. December 7, 2013
I like the month tabs I like that the tabs are sturdy and last the year through and that I can rely on them to use them to go back to a previous month if I need to. October 26, 2013
Wishing for refill changes Circa is an excellent system, and I really enjoy my compact agenda, but I have a few suggestions that would make these agenda refills more flexible: 1. I'd like the monthly tab pages to be plain so they can be a permanent part of the agenda. As it stands now, half of the monthly calendar is printed on the tab page, so the tabs have to be replaced every year. The printing on both sides of the tab page also limits the way the agenda can be configured. 2. The combination of month-at-a-glance and week-at-a-glance pages works well for me with the addition of some plain lined pages for lists and to-dos. If the monthly and weekly views could stand alone without pages in common, that would increase their flexibility. 3. The fold out yearly calendar is useful for an overview of the year, but I would be just as happy with a smaller year-at-a-glance page with no boxes. The boxes are really too small for notes in the compact size, but it would make a good reminder tool if used with simple symbol or color coding. I use a ballpoint pen with my agenda and have had no problems with the paper quality. January 28, 2013
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