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Circa Monthly Tabs Pullout Calendar Letter 4.8 5 21 21
Excellent Long-range Planning Tool The pull out calendar is the only successful way I have found to plan around my family members' different schedules. With a different colors allocated to each different family member, I can map out school and university breaks and see at a glance when everyone will be around. This is something I can't do on my iPhone. March 15, 2015
Productivity Booster I am not the most organized person, and my memory leaves a bit to be desired, but this calendar is probably the best way for me to keep myself on track. I wish I could buy it in junior size, so I could carry it around when I'm using a small bag, but until that happens, I'm fine with carrying one of my bigger purses so I can have it with me all the time! March 5, 2015
Best Calender I have ever used! I love the flexibility of this calendar. I can easily see at a glance what is scheduled and have room to write when I need to be more specific. I would definitely recommend this calendar to anyone who is busy and must be careful to meet all demands. February 12, 2015
Love it BUT IT's BEING DISCONTINUED...? I love the monthly tabs and use them in all my planners (yes I have a coulpe). I was unable to locate the Junior tabs online so I chated with a customer service rep...I just found out Levenger is DISCONTINUING THE MONTHLY TABS AND PULLOUT CALENDAR IN ALL SIZES (Letter, Junior, and Compact). This is extremely disappointing to me because I use this product ALL the time and I NEED IT for all my planners/agendas. January 21, 2015
Inspiring I have used various permutations of Circa for almost a decade now and I find it still motivates me daily. If laid out correctly for your life, it allows you to do what's needed to be done. I have found That I actually enjoy doing my paperwork. it's all organized in a way that allows me to complete each task. Then the beauty of the paper, etc... It's almost indescribable to a paper junkie such as myself. December 3, 2014
Best Paper Calendar Out There I love my Circa letter-size calendar. I'll be honest, I do you my phone, too, to help keep track of some stuff. But my 'go-to' calendar is my Circa. The quality and service are legendary. September 25, 2014
Great Product Love this!!!! Recommend to everyone September 12, 2014
Circa Monthly Tabs & Pullout Calendar I have been using the Circa System for nearly 10 years and have finally adapted a hybrid mix of products that work well to keep my life organized. The Circa Monthly Tabs works well for me to set up a monthly schedule that includes goals and tasks. The Annual Pull Out Calendar allows me to plan my year and the next year. I love it! I use the Action Method Sheets for weekly priorities and notes September 11, 2014
Best organization tool The layout and design of this monthly tabbed calendar is one that I can see the overview of my months and set attainable goals which can be written out and prioritized on the To Do side. This is where my planning begins. August 28, 2014
The Pullout Calendar is the Best Part I am a huge fan of most Levenger products but this, by far, is my favorite. I don't use the monthly tabs, but I am a HUGE fan of the pullout calendar. It's a great way for me to plan ahead, from birthdays, holidays, and personal items to conferences, travel, and vacation. It's my go-to item and I consult it more often than digital calendars. I only gave this 3 starts for value because I would love to be able to only purchase this item. Instead, I buy the set in the appropriate size for every Levenger item I have and toss out the monthly tabs, a costly endeavor, but I do it because I so love the pullout version. July 31, 2014
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