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Chroma Lustra Stylus Ballpoint Pen 4.7 5 29 29
Cute Pen, Jiggly Innards Loved this pen when I saw it. Not many pens that are a fun green color and I love the green. The stylus works great on my phone, so I'm thrilled with that. Although the little rounded feels quite flimsy and I worry it won't hold up if I put in my purse. The size of the pen is smaller than I expected, I like a bit more length. This isn't Levenger's problem, this was me not checking the dimensions. If you like a little length get out your tape measure and check. The ink quality is nice. I love rich ink. The ink isn't rich, but it does write smoothly and the lines are consistent: no gobs, no streaks, no air space. Very nice. My biggest issue is the jiggly innards. You can hear them rattle inside and when I write it feels like the lower metal tip is going to unscrew and fall off. That has not happened, but the looseness makes it seem as if it will. I am having a hard time getting over the jiggle.I don't think a $20 dollar pen should jiggle. It makes the quality seem cheap. Due to the jiggly feel, I wouldn't recommend this pen. August 14, 2014
Great Stylus Pen! I have been looking at this pen for quite awhile. When it went on sale, I knew I had to purchase it and I was not disappointed. This pen works great as a stylus and even better as a writing pen. I carry it in my purse and find myselft using it several times a day whether I am writing a note or using my phone. August 7, 2014
Beautiful Shiny Instrument - But I loved the colour of this pen the moment I saw it! I was going to take a trip and thought it would be the perfect pen to journal with. I didn't rate it with 5 stars right down the line because... when you close the pen to the left, if you don't stop at just the right time, it starts to unscrew the tip. That is an annoyance ( to me). That needs to be corrected somehow, please. August 5, 2014
Cute & Effective I liked the color, bought it because it looked summerish. I writes easily and the stylus works exceptionally well. July 18, 2014
Styli pen I purchased 3 pens for Christmas. (I start my shopping early). I have used the styli pens and find them helpful by being able to write and also use the styli. This allows me to use only one tool and not carry two as I have in the past. I find using this tool is easier than using my finger as it is more accurate. products for years. I have always been pleased with my Levenger purchases. July 18, 2014
Finally a twist pen that stays open I really like this pen. Many twist-to-open pens close themselves as you write; this pen opens with almost a click and stays open until you twist-click it closed. Stylus works well. Pen is lightweight but does not feel cheap. Would love to see more colors and a matching pencil. July 3, 2014
great stylus I have several styli but this one is the most solid and comfortable in the hand. wish the red one were on sale, too June 26, 2014
Nice It was a gift for my son so I haven't used it, but it looks very nice and will be perfect with his mini iPad case that was also purchased through Levengers. June 19, 2014
Great pen, not so great stylus Within a few weeks of getting this pen, the stylus had ripped. Levenger was kind enough to replace the pen at no charge to me. I think a replaceable stylus would be more functional. Do love Levenger pens. May 29, 2014
Perfect Pen I love this pen - its a wonderful with the iphone and ipad. May 29, 2014
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