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Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen
  • Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen
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Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Price: $29.00
Item: AP16028
A ballpoint pen and stylus with a twist
Enjoy infinite writing and browsing pleasure with the Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint. The spiral two-tone design sets it apart from other stylus pens. The high-sensitivity, omni-directional stylus point will not scratch or smudge your device’s screen.
  • Copper alloy barrel
  • Deploys with a twist
  • Fabric stylus will not smudge or scratch digital screens
  • 5 7/16L x 5/16 diameter; 1 oz
  • We offer ballpoint refills
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Chroma Twister Stylus Ballpoint Pen 4.2 5 11 11
Great Stylus I've had this stylus, in red, for several years and is excellent as a stylus! As a pen, mine is useless! You're supposed to twist to bring out the pen but that feature died after just a handful of uses. The top screws off before the pen tip comes out! If you use it as a stylus only it's perfect but if you need the pen, keep looking or keep a pen handy. March 19, 2015
Good stylus I liked my first one enough to buy this when I wore out the tip fabric. I do wish the tip was replaceable like some others. The black paint on the old one did chip off a lot as another reviewer noted-but this didn't effect function. I especially like the weight and feel of it. March 12, 2015
Great Stylus - paint scratched easily It would figure that Levenger had the best stylus I found for my iPad - and I've tried them all. The form and function is perfect-the metallic nib glides across the screen makes perfect contact. The pen is there for the rare times that I need it (everything is digital). My only complaint is that after several months, it's showing its age. The black paint is chipping off revealing a brassy under coating. I still love and use it daily - but it's not up to the build standard on other Levenger products I've purchased. December 1, 2014
Fran If you purchase this pen for the sole purpose for a stylus is is a great buy, however did not like the pen, what you may not notice is that the clip holder is right in the way of where you would hold the pen and uncomfortable. Otherwise materials were quality value and the cost reasonable. November 6, 2014
Best Stylus I've ever used! I've tried several different types of stylus. Many were very bad. This one works like a charm. What I write appears exactly as I wrote it. It's perfect. I'll have to buy another one to keep in reserve! October 22, 2014
Great style and very effective! This is a great pen and stylus combo! I have three of these now and I really enjoy that capacitive touch of the stylus. It is a mesh style stylus and it is very effective, not mushy at all! I get a lot of compliments on this stylus, and they are so surprised to see me twist it and a pen pops out the top! It's just a great pen and stylus. September 11, 2014
Awesome Tool I love this stylus. It has a nice weight and a good balance, and it successfully functions as a two-in-one tool. The stylus is sensitive but firm and works well on my iPad and my iPhone, and the pen is a solid writing tool. The red perfectly matches my Circa! Another exceptional invention by Levenger! August 21, 2014
Great product Love the weight and the mesh tip. Very happy with this stylus. August 14, 2014
Awesome Stylus I love this stylus! It is my favorite one to use with my iPad. The tip is smooth and easy to use and having a pen handy is an added bonus! August 7, 2014
Chroma Twister As you will see I am addicted to your pens. I love the way the above writes and the fact it comes with a stylus. My one issue is I have very small hands and the clip gets in my way and it makes it slightly uncomfortable to write with. Of all the pens I have purchased this is the only one I have a slight issue with! July 24, 2014
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