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  • TW Select Fountain Pen Wooden Presentation Box
  • TW Select Fountain Pen Wooden Presentation Box
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Mediterranean
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Mediterranean w/ Monogram
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Mediterranean
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather w/ Monogram
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather

True Writer® Select Fountain Pen

Price: $169.00
Item: AP12610
The ultimate True Writer fountain pen
Painstakingly crafted and precision-engineered for high performance, the True Writer Select is designed to be your stalwart daily writing companion. Obsessing over the details to create the ultimate Levenger True Writer fountain pen, our design team spent more than a year to perfect the size, weight and feel of the Select’s large and robust barrel, and to choose its unique resin, finishes and appointments. The handcrafted nib is exclusive to and expressly for the Select only. The Select fountain pen is impressively housed in a monogrammable solid wood gift box to treasure and keep.
The True Writer design story
By the end of the last millennium, the ubiquitous disposable pen had just about taken over. Though a few pen companies still catered to serious collectors with elaborate, intricate (and exorbitantly expensive) designs, it had been years since anyone offered a beautifully made everyday pen. Inspired by the Esterbrook Pen Company, which served the writing needs of the general public for almost a hundred years, Levenger set out to inspire contemporary writers with a modern take on the classics. In February, 1999, the very first True Writer was introduced. The Select takes our trusty True Writer design to a new level of writing comfort and beauty with a slightly more robust barrel, enhanced by upgraded new finishes, appointments and details.
  • Robust yet lightweight resin barrel in Macchiato, Stormy Weather or Mediterranean
  • Chrome and gunmetal appointments
  • Threaded cap posts securely on the barrel
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • Stainless steel fountain pen nib handcrafted in Germany
  • Impressive wood presentation box can be personalized
  • Interchangeable nibs also available separately
  • We offer fountain pen refills
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TW Select Fountain Pen 4.5 5 22 22
The barrel is too wide and I would prefer the engraving on the barrel rather than on the cap July 30, 2015
Bought two and one is great! Other one - isn't It's very hard to review this pen because I bought two of them - identical except for the color. I bought the great one first (or I wouldn't have bought a second one). The second one has never worked right since I got it and I've tried everything. I've never returned anything to Levenger that was faulty but this is going to have to go back, I guess. So, give it a try - and I hope you get a great one like the first one I bought! April 21, 2015
Enhances writing experience I'm relatively new to the world of non disposable fountain pens so I can only rate this against another wonderful Levenger fountain pen, the True WriterElement, which I enjoy using for the smooth action and weight. This pen is a bit lighter and that isn't a problem. it is comfortable in my medium size hand and it remains balanced when posted but I prefer not to for fear of scratching the beautiful resin wyith the screw on threads. My first impression however was dampened by the scratchy fine nib but a call to Levenger to ask what I might be doing wrong led to the immediate replacement of the nib and what a pleasure this new nib is to write with, very easy flow of the ink and not too much to ever well up. it makes me look for things I can write. I have read a few other reviews about the scratchy nib working out but I suggest a call to Levenger for a replacement nib. The customer service here is truly wonderful. March 26, 2015
Beautiful writing instrument I own several fountain pens from inexpensive to some of the most expensive and this one is a favorite. The barrel is light, but has a nice feel in your hand when writing with it. The nib is much more elegant than the classic true writer series and creates a much nicer line in fine point than the fine nibs in classic True Writers, which tend to create more of a medium line. The craftsmanship and style are beautiful and it is a pleasure to write with, especially on Levenger paper. The only negative comment is that in all of the pictures, both website and catalogs, the macchiato is a darker resin with richer browns in it. The one I received had many lighter tones in the resin and was a little disappointing. Nonetheless, I would recommend this writing instrument. March 8, 2015
Fine Writing Instrument Word-of-Mouth is a great way to select a product to purchase when there are many good options, and that is what made me choose the Levenger True Writer Select fountain pen with a fine nib. While style is very important when choosing a fine writing instrument (and this pen certainly has style), the true measure of a quality pen is the way in which it writes, and this pen excels as a fine writing instrument. Among the number of fountain pens I own, this as come to be my favorite. February 12, 2015
Revised review of the True Writer Select I originally posted a fairly negative review of the True Writer Select fountain pen last month which now seems to have been deleted--I shall just say that, while I did find things to like about the pen (namely, the fact that the "fine" nib was TRULY "fine" (I got a "Stormy Weather" pen with said "fine" nib), rather than the "medium" line that the regular True Writers' "fine" nibs tend to produce), the fact that the grip section kept unscrewing itself from the barrel as I was writing with the pen caused me to say that that would be a "deal-breaker" if I were to recommend the pen to someone else, and as such I could not do so. (And yes, I did make sure that the grip section was firmly screwed into the barrel section before I started writing!) I recently got another True Writer Select in the same finish and nib size, which I have been writing with for the past couple of weeks now, and I am happy to report that the aforementioned issue with the grip coming unscrewed from the barrel while writing has not occurred with my new pen, so I think that this must have been an isolated issue. Otherwise, the writing experience I've had with my current pen is the same as with the first one--the "fine" nib writes a truly fine line, and as far as I am concerned, the finer the line, the better as I have very small handwriting. The nib, however,needed a (very) short "breaking-in" period, as it was a little scratchy at first, but this problem resolved itself as I continued to write with it. I personally have not had any of the issues with skipping and hard starts that some other customers have experienced, but then that could be "the luck of the draw," as they say--especially considering the other issues I'd had with the other pen. A couple of words about the engraving: First of all, I do not feel that the engraving on my "Stormy Weather" pen "cheapens the look of the pen," as another customer reviewer commented--in fact, I quite like the silver color of it against the swirled gray-and-white of the cap. However, the fact that the engraving IS so light in color makes it rather difficult to see unless you have a fairly strong light source. The same problem of the engraving being hard to see also occurs with the box, as the engraving there is the same color as the dark wood of the box (i. e., it isn't filled in--or at least not with a contrasting color). Otherwise, the engraving is rather good and adds a nice touch to the box (and the pen as well). In short, I would now recommend this pen to others, if only for the fact that Levenger truly DOES "stand behind their products" and will try to "make it right" if you have issues! But I would not recommend that you pay full price for it, but rather wait for a sale, as for the stated list price, you can buy other pens that are just as good and write just as well, if not better. February 8, 2015
Fine Writing Instrument I purchased this pen in Mediterranean and find it to be an excellent writing instrument. As soon as it came in, I began to use it. The ink flows very well and it feel good in my hand. It has a nice weight. I never have been disappointed by any of my Levenger purchases, either on-line or in person at their Tyson's Corner VA store. January 24, 2015
Not happy Like another recent reviewer, I am not happy with this pen. The pen does not write fluidly so that I have to press extra hard for a fluid line, which defeats the purpose of writing with a fountain pen. I had the pen engraved, and the engraving actually cheapens the look of the pen (I bought the Stormy Weather, perhaps it looks OK on other colors). I also bought a True Writer ballpoint pen for a much lower price and love that pen. I would recommend that over this rather pricy pen. December 12, 2014
Not Happy At All I love fountain pens, but not this one. The barrel is too fat for my liking and it's heavy. The medium nib writes a fine line. The nib also skips, does not write a smooth line. I would send it back, but alas, I had my pen initialed. December 6, 2014
Big, great pen! I collect fountain pens and have many. This pen is on par with some that are much more expensive. I ordered the Mediterranean Blue and the color is beautiful. It writes well with not skipping. The only caution I would give is this is a large pen. Having said that, it is well balanced, it just takes a little getting use to. Simply put, it is a great pen at a great price. November 27, 2014
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