Levenger Ink Cartridges, 16 Standard
  • Levenger Ink Cartridges, 16 Standard
  • Levenger Ink Cartridges, 16 Standard
  • Levenger Ink Cartridges, 16 Standard
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Levenger Ink Cartridges, 16 Standard

Price: $15.00
Item: PR0605
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(excluding bottled ink)
Levenger Inks have all the properties that bottled ink should have.
  • Lightfast
  • Fade-resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Standard cartridges are 1 1/2" long, feature an International end and come 16 to a box
  • All Levenger fountain pen barrels allow room to accommodate a spare ink cartridge
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Poem, The Ink is My Voice The ink flows much as my blood, flowing, coursing onto page, creating poetry to give to the world. This ink is so fine it leaves the tip of the pen in a smooth line adding body to my words, giving shape to my inner most thoughts. Each color be it black, forest green, regal, or claret, is stunning and clear on the page. Clarity that often skips my mind becomes clear with the swipe of the pen. Each cartridge sits carefully tucked in a drawer, laying on a bed of long forgotten velvet that once belonged to my childhood wardrobe. Somehow I think memories flow from velvet to ink, then transform ideas into beauty of color and pattern. The call of ink to become the written word beacons and cartridge replaced easily so words are not stalled. My voice is heard because of this ink, it sings, preaches, digresses, implores. My voice is magical in amethyst, coloring page and imagination. April 14, 2010
Sophisticated color I was seeking This gray is not too bold, wonderfully subtle. Ink flows like a dream. February 8, 2014
Hooray!!! I'm SO HAPPY Greystoke, is available again!! Thank you for bringing it back. It has always been my favorite Levenger ink color…so distinctive and elegant. I use my fountain pens everyday and my signature ink color was grey. It was very disappointing when grey was discontinued, but it has returned! Who knew an ink color could make one so happy! January 11, 2014
Great quality ink, but... I ordered the Gemstone Green color of cartridge-style fountain pen ink refills. It arrived promptly, the quality is excellent,but the color is not a true green. It is pretty, but it is distinctly a blue-green shade, very different from the color shown on the website. January 2, 2014
Great ink cartridges The color is exactly as envisioned and advertised. The cartridges are very convenient and incredibly well priced. This ink enhances the visceral appeal of using a good pen and communicating instead of scribbling. December 7, 2013
like butter The ink is gorgeous and it makes the writing like butter. However, I have not yet tried it on toast! Thanks for a truly superior product. December 7, 2013
Tactile delight There is nothing quite like the joy of using a beautiful fountain pen, filled with excellent quality ink. Public schools may be giving up on cursive writing, but those of us who appreciate the art will not only enjoy the ability to read the Declaration of Independence, but will also be grateful for the gift of writing our own declarations - and invitations, and thank you notes, and personal letters. November 30, 2013
Love these cartridges! I have used these cartridges for years. I particularly love the fact that I can get my custom color -- cocoa. I just don't like black or blue ink. They're BORING!! Levenger is the only source for cocoa cartridges. Please, don't ever stop producing them! November 30, 2013
Great ink The colors are vibrant. I have used several different colors and each color is beautiful and flows well. I have also bought generic inks from craft stores and they are not the high quality of Levenger's inks. Soon, I will try the bottled ink. I have yet to be displeased with a Levenger's product. September 21, 2013
Cartridge ink refills Have been using Levenger cartridge ink refills for my fountain pen purchased three years ago. Many colors have run through the nib and they are always very pure in tone. Recently purchased a Pilot Prera Demonstrator Fountain Pen and can't wait for those ink cartridges to arrive so that my journal thoughts put down on a daily basis will be bold, bright and clear to the reader. Thank you for always sending the refill cartridges minus the shipping and handling charges; that is really a big savings. Look forward to using Levenger for many years (and journals) to come!! September 7, 2013
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