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True Writer Signature Nib 4.2 5 12 12
My favorite I have been writing with fountain pens for 30 years. I own FOUR of these nibs! They are my very favorite. I write constantly for business, and these nibs improve my handwriting and are just right! Good ink flow, but do not dry out between uses. My only complaint is that they are a bit pricey, but then you get what you pay for ;) July 4, 2014
Favorite I own 10 True Writers and 10 of these nibs! I write for a living and everyone who has to read what I write says my handwriting is the best they've ever seen! (That says a lot for a Doctor) Perfect ink flow and just enough line variation to be attractive but not overly ornate. My only downside is that they are a bit expensive if all you need is the nib. I wish Levenger would offer this nib as a True Writer option instead of having to always buy it separately. January 4, 2015
Always a winner This is my second 'nib' but the first was attached to the pen! Having misplaced the original, this was my next best solution - to attach it to any one of my many True Writer pens. This nib does not produce any great difference in the style of writing, but just enough for it to be a favorite. January 1, 2015
not the best nib I have two of the True Writer Stub Nibs. I am actually on my third one. The first Stub I got is wonderful. It writes smooth, does not skip, and the ink flows as soon as it touches the paper. I bought a second one to be a spare while the first was being cleaned. It was a disaster. Very rough, ink flow was bad, causing skips and blobs. Levenger replaced the nib in a timely manner as they always do. The replacement nib was still not as good as my original. It is scratchy on paper, and takes a moment to start its ink flow. but it writes well enough to keep as a spare. For being crafted in Germany, and for the outrageous price, I would think the quality of this nib would be better. I have four Levenger pens, Two L-3's and two True Writers. Have had no problems with the standard nibs, just the Stubs. January 1, 2015
Great signature nib! I prefer a signature nib for most of my writing. I just like the way it looks whether I have written a letter, a note, or signed my signature. This is a smooth nib with steady ink flow. If you are new to fountain pens, I do not recommend a signature nib. You need to have some experience with fountain pen writing to write with this kind of nib with no problems. Great nib for a great price! Easily changed out with other True Writer nibs. December 4, 2014
This is a nib with personality! You may have to practice a bit until you know exactly how to hold the pen when using this nib, but it's totally worth it! Your handwriting takes on a new personality - one with much more depth. Your letters have a natural shading and texture, much, I imagine, as it would had you been using an old-fashioned quill. I'll definitely buy more of these! August 7, 2014
Stubs are different I have true writer with a stub nib and it is great but stubs are different. If you tend to rotate your pen as you write a stub will be scratchy. We do this naturally if we learned to write with a pencil. We're looking for the sharper(finer) point. But, if you learn to find the sweet spot and not rotate your pen you will really enjoy the flair and line variation you get from a stub. They're great for me and I am left handed. July 29, 2013
AWESOME nib! I ordered my second Levenger signature stub nib just before Christmas (third, if you count the fact that I also have the Signature Stub True Writer pen), and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE these nibs. I have small handwriting; and these lovely nibs, since they're on the "Fine" size, are perfect for my writing. They provide wonderful line variation as well as shading, depending on the ink. The quality and workmanship of the nib is impeccable, and it's easy to remove and replace. I own quite a number of True Writer fountain pens, and I plan for every one of them to have a stub nib one of these days. I do wish that Levenger would make their stub nib an available choice on ALL their pens! January 4, 2013
Didn't see the point I bought this nib originally to go with my TW fountain pen b/c I wanted a "signature" pen that would allow me to have a signature that stood out. I tried it, and didn't see that it was different than a regular nib, but almost 3 times as much. I would like to see Levenger offer a true italic nib, or something that would really let you have a "signature" pen. September 27, 2012
Great Service To follow-up on my previous post about the scratchiness of the stub nib, I received a replacement post paid within a few days, and it is fine. Friendly excellent service. I have since figured out that stub nibs write differently because the shape of the tips, ie. not the same as my favorite TW, in a fine point, the Cafe Au Lait which just glides--the stub nib is less wet by design for one thing. For a new fountain pen writer like me, this may be easier and closer to today's everyday ballpoint pen. But the take home message is: this is simply different from a regular fountain pen nib. March 3, 2012
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