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Amodex Ink Remover

Price: $18.00
Item: PR0960
This ink and stain remover works on many surfaces
The Amodex Ink Remover is an effective, non-toxic cleaner that removes inks and stains from fabrics, skin and other surfaces.
  • Includes a 1 fluid ounce bottle of cleaning solution and a 4 1/2-inch long brush
  • Non-toxic
  • Instructions included
Amodex Ink Remover 1 oz Bottle and Brush 4.6 5 8 8
Really Real Works I have lots of stain removers but they all leave a residue or bleach out the fabric. I used amodex on an apparently hopeless situation--I'd put an uncapped fountain pen in a shoulder bag and a full cartridge bled into the liner fabric all over the place. It worked like magic in a few minutes. I bought another for work because I am notoriously unaware of where I put my pens. April 24, 2014
That is NOT a Toothbrush! I'll never make that mistake again. Although it did remove the coffee stains from my teeth and now my breath is minty fresh! June 16, 2015
Super stain remover This works better than any stain remover I've used. My one recommendation is to pick up a cheap toothbrush and use that with the container. The small brush that comes with the pkg, doesn't give enough leverage when removing a set in stain. A regular toothbrush, preferably not the one you use to brush your teeth, gives more leverage with your thumb on the brush head and the other fingers under the grip. January 22, 2015
Ink Stain Remover Worked Well I wash my daughters nurse's uniforms and her ink stain in the pockets were impossible to remove. I tried this product after numerous other products had failed. this product worked after two washing. I used it the first time and it took out most of the ink and marker stains. I washed the white uniform top and then used the remover product the second time and it worked by removing the remaining ink/marker stain. I am impressed. It is expensive for such a small amount, but hey it works and now my daughters white uniform top does not have ink stains in the pockets. April 30, 2014
Amazing Product I spilled cobalt blue ink on a red leather wallet and the and it set in. The amodex got the ink out of my wallet after scrubbing it in with the brush. May 14, 2009
Great Product This is the best ink remover I've tried (including some that date back to the '50's). It's worth the cost. February 29, 2008
Caveat on Amodex I agree that it works well with "washable blue" inks (as does other more well-known products), but it fares much worse on blue/black and black inks. My coping strategy after ruining a shirt? I strictly use washable blue in all my fountain/roller ball pens. December 12, 2007
It Works Made the mistake of pocketing my True Writer with a rolling ballpoint refill in my brand new shirt. (Keep it in a case.) The brilliant blue spot that formed on my white shirt looked like it would never come out. I followed the directions on the Amodex, getting lots of the ink out of the shirt and onto the paper towels below. But still the spot was quite visible when it went to our laundry room. Our housekeeper then used some Shout and water before tossing it in the washer and Viola! It's perfect again. October 17, 2007
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