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True Writer Highlighter 3.9 5 59 59
Terrific Tool I was greatly surprised to read that some others didn't like this highlighter. I have just ordered my third. I keep one in my purse and one at my work area downstairs. This will probably go upstairs. I love the fact that the highlighter is erasable, which is very important when I am highlighting a music part on a piece of music I don't personally own (also not a great fan of ruining book pages). I also love that the color doesn't bleed through the paper, and I have only occasionally had a small amount of trouble seeing it, and only in a dimly-lit room. I'm completely sold on these, and only wish I'd had them when I was in school. June 27, 2014
High hopes I wanted this to work, because the style and quality are great. However, I need to apply way too much pressure in order for the "highlight" to become recognizable. I was attempting to use it again when I checked the site to see if there were different color options, which may help. Unfortunately, they don't and I wonder how anyone is getting this to work well enough to give it a positive review. June 21, 2014
Lasts and Lasts As a professor, I have used this highlighter on a number of texts, and when I examine the remaining portion of the wax stick, it doesn't appear that much has been used. It is an efficient way to mark pages, not to speak of the integrity of the page following highlighting, especially unlike a wet highlighter, where there is no leakage from one page to the one below. The color does not overwhelm the page on which it is used and distract the reader which bolder highlighters do. June 12, 2014
Great Addition for highlighting There are times that you just need to hightlight items without them becoming a distraction. This is a perfect solution. It provides the ability to subtly highlght sensitive materials - making it possible to not worry about reproduction during copying or scanning. In addition, since it is dry, it is easy to highlight thermal printed materials without causing the text to disappear. Extra bonus, the fact it doesnt dry out makes it a natural to use daily or travel with. May 15, 2014
Beautiful and fun, but not too functional I really wanted to love this highlighter because it's aesthetically pleasing and it would never dry out. However, it takes a lot of elbow grease to do any highlighting with the pencil. It would be fine for small task highlighting (a calendar, a sentence or two), but this is not a pen I'd take to a class, seminar, or to highlight extensive text. It is fun to use - it's novel, pretty, and it won't dry out so I will keep it. Just be aware of its limitations and appreciate it for its design and aesthetics. It looks nice on my desk and my kids seem to like it. March 2, 2014
It takes considerable force just trying to highlight a book. The concept of a dry lighter is good but not practical in use. March 1, 2014
LOVE LOVE this highlighter Elegant, classy great feel in the hand. I love this highlighter I love the fact that it is subtle enough that I can mark up a paper without the neon wet yellow seeping through the paper and screaming "look at me" This highlighter is subtle but it does its job. I have nothing but great things to say. I have received a ton of compliments and I can't tell you how many times people have tried to walk off with it by "accident" This is one purchase I do not regret. March 1, 2014
A great, versatile alternative to the highlighter I first learned of the True Writer Highlighter while visiting the Levenger Store in the Washington, DC area many years ago. I tested it alongside the other True Writers and found it to be a useful alternative to the wet, soaking highlighters on the market. As a fountain pen user, my mixing liquid pen ink and highlighters has always ended in disaster. The problems of bleeding through, smearing, and bubbling of the pages are solved with this drylighter. The drylighter I purchased came in the same blue marbled resin as my True Writer fountain pen. I understand that Levenger now only offers the yellow finish shown here. Also included were a multicolored drylighter pack in yellow, pink, and green, and several sticks of graphite, allowing the drylighter to double as a pencil. I wish Levenger offered this item in other finishes. The quality of the product is excellent, and the barrel offers a nice heft that feels good in the hand. Mine is going on seven years of continuous use, and has only had one minor issue. I left it in my car for several days during the winter, and the cold caused the metal "Levenger" embossed ring to become unglued from the body. I took it into the store, where the sales staff immediately offered me a replacement. Fine customer service, as always. Overall, this is a very good product and one that I will be using for many years to come. I rated the value only two stars, as one can just as easily use colored pencils as highlighters for a fraction of the cost. In doing so, however, one would miss out on the experience and continual enjoyment of using this drylighter. It complements my True Writer collection in a way few items can. January 8, 2014
Highlighter I do not agree with the positive reviews. The yellow highlighter crayons are so hard that the "highlight" is barely legible. In order to leave a discernible mark I've had to run the pen point back and forth several times with heavy pressure. Very disappointed in this product. November 13, 2013
Can't get started I've read the other reviews and I can't even figure out how to load the leads into the case. When I press down on the end of the case the tip extends and I can fit a lead into the tip, but then it is too fat to retract into the body of highlighter. The directions are NOT very helpful. I wish there was a YouTube video on how to load your highliter. September 2, 2013
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