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Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen Gift Set

Price: $39.00
Item: AP9540
No-maintenance disposable fountain pens
These seven colorful disposable fountain pens from Pilot need no refilling, no cleaning, no carefulness. If you've always wanted to try a fountain pen — or would enjoy a carefree version — the Pilot Varsity team has earned its letters.
  • Makes a great gift to show a loved one how beautiful their own handwriting can be
  • Each pen has a disposable, nonrefillable plastic barrel
  • Reservoir window on each pen displays ink level
  • Includes a leather storage case, 8W x 4H
  • Assorted colors in black, blue, pink, purple, turquoise, red and green
  • Each pen: 7/16 diameter x 5 1/4H
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Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen Gift Set 4.7 5 16 16
Loved these pens!! These pens were my first introduction into writing with a fountain pen and I was not disappointed. It makes me want to write more. The quality is perfect and the price was perfect - highly recommend! May 11, 2013
Great Gift-Great Bargain I love this set. The super soft leather bag is fabulous; the pens write well with good ink flow. I only wish they had a wider nib to make caligraphy more impressive! GREAT buy and a wonderful little gift set. My 10 year old daughter wants a set but so does my work colleague. April 27, 2013
Varsity Pen Set- A Big Hit! The Varsity pen creates a smooth, thin, graceful line. I find this pen comfortable and easy to use even though I am left-handed. The colors are bright and fun. Although the ink seems to last for quite a while, I wish the pens were refillable- (my only criticism). My students like the pens so much, I offer them as prizes. April 20, 2013
perfect for travel I love fountain pens, but normally don't take them with me when I leave the house as they don't travel well - this set is perfect, and I like the soft leather case it comes in. Been using the first pen for weeks now, and it still has ink. Highly recommended. March 18, 2013
Great for beginning fountain-pen users! As others have said, I have always wanted to try a fountain pen but was deterred by the price. This was the answer! Love the variety of ink colors. I was concerned about fluidity/scratching since I'm a lefty, but these are great! Nice zippered leather pouch, too! Will definitely get more! Would be good "thank you" gifts for employees or students, stocking stuffers, etc. January 10, 2013
Great for travel I use these pens to take notes in class for several reasons: 1) I don't want to risk my more expensive pens 2) These are very travel friendly with no mess 3) The pens write just as smooth as my medium grade fountain pens 4) They are disposable and reasonably priced! That being said I own them in several different colors0ppo and the only color I have a complaint about is the purple. The purple ink has a slight water consistency which means that too much ink comes out at once. Kind of a bummer because the color was very pretty.. November 23, 2012
LOVE these pens! I have never used fountain pens previously to these pens. I have always wanted to but did not want to spend the money to buy one if I was unsure about how it would feel. This is a PERFECT trial for experimenting with fountain pens! These are affordable, fun because of all the colors, write smoothly and are easy to handle. They bleed a little and run when wet, but they are a test for me and have confirmed that I would invest in a better fountain pen for future use! May 19, 2012
This product is totally awesome!!! I love this gift set. I would recommend it to you, and all my friends. These remarkable pens are what you need to fit in and be in style. All my friends ask me if they can borrow then and where I get them. I am a per son that likes these things. I love to shop especially at Levenger. I am telling you these are the pens for you. February 24, 2012
love these pens! I've used fountain pens for decades and long ago discovered that Varsity fountain pens were ideal when I travel. I don't have to worry about running out of ink, losing a favorite pen, or the ink leaking. The colors included in this set are vibrant and it's a welcome change to dash off a note using something other than blue or black! The case was a welcome extra and it has taken up permanent residence in my everyday bag. December 3, 2011
Loved pen found again I bought a set of these pens when they first came out. I still have that set and it still works but the ink is low in them now, after owning them for more than 25 years. These pens are great for everyday writing and work great for an artist doing any type of art. They never need to be refilled, if they seem to be drying up, run the nib under a little water and they'll start to run again. Perfect gift because they came in a bunch of colors so you don't have to choose one and maybe get the wrong color. November 21, 2011
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