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Chesterton Espresso Convertible Rollerball 4 5 32 32
Gorgeous product, very high quality I purchased this pen for myself over 2 years ago and have since given them as gifts for every high school or college graduate I need a gift for. The pen itself is gorgeous. Using the ink cartridges is the perfect compromise between quality ink and ease of use. I have replaced the tips many times, once every six months approximately, and they are very reasonably priced. At one point, the clip broke. I contacted Levenger to ask about a repair and they sent me a brand new pen when I sent back the broken one. Levenger is a top rate company when it comes to customer service. I really don't like to buy high end office products from any other company. May 8, 2014
Most Favorite Rollarball Pen Let me first start off by saying I have never been disappointed with any of Levenger's Products. I have several fountain pens but I find them a little difficult to use in the office due to how often I need to sign documents. I purchased this pen in December of 2013 and I believe I have used at a minimum of every other day since I've owned it. This pen writes incredibly smooth and the pen itself is gorgeous! I use Levenger's Bottled Inks and I have five inkwells on my office desk so I may change the color in this pen with the mood strikes me. This pen is so easy to fill with bottled inks and it is virtually mess free as long as you take it slow and easy. I highly recommend purchasing extra piston converters so you do not have color bleed-over if you use multiple inks. My only issue with this pen is the clip. It is a weak point and make sure you are careful when you use it. I had the clip break off once on me but kudos to Levenger for their prompt service. I gave the customer service representative a call and explained the issue and I had a brand new pen on my door step in a week, complete with my original name engraving. To prevent issues with this pen, I recommend never pulling the pen out of your pocket by the clip and make sure you use the cap and you should be problem free for many years to come! December 10, 2014
Initially Frustrating Well I got my Chesterton Convertible Rollerball today. The pen is beautiful. I opened the package completely and inserted the Levenger ink cartridge in. I began to try to write with it...nothing. So, I opened the nib again and gave the cartridge a little squeeze or two and reinserted it back into the nib; still nothing! I then squeezed the cartridge closer to the open end, as well as up and down the cartridge. ..Don't do this! The cartridge had a weak spot and ink began to leak, though it wasn't too bad. I took a small amount of electrical tape and wrapped the cartridge, in order to save the cartridge. Then reinserted it back into the nib and gave it a little twist. The pen began to write, but very faintly and then somewhat scratchy, not like a rollerball should. I thought I would let the pen rest with the tip pointed down (upside down with cap on.) I then placed the pen next to my leg in the recliner. I guess a bit of body heat must have done the trick. I began writing again and the pen began flowing nicely. ..almost too much, but it was much easier to use. It shouldn't take so much effort to get the ink flowing. Perhaps when I put in a new cartridge, I'll place the pen nib down and warm the pen in my hand. I hope not to have anymore broken ink cartridges! I want to like this pen, but time will tell. I can't believe users have had broken nibs! I can't imagine having to put that much force onto, what is supposed to be a quality product! September 26, 2014
Beautiful with flaws The pen is gorgeous and warm. Ink flow has been consistently good. Two quality issues: 1) The roller ball has a scratchy feel when writing, as if the ball was not finished completely smooth. It feels a bit like a lower quality fountain pen nib. 2) The cap split when dropped on a table top from only about a foot up. Maybe it just caught an unfortunate angle, but I expect pens to be tougher than that. June 16, 2014
High quality, great style! I received the Chesterton convertible as a gift and I must say, it is the nicest pen I own. I have a number of high quality pens, but the attention to detail and the marble look of the Chesterton sets it apart from the rest. I now own three Levenger pens as well as a beautiful display case. Levenger is swiftly becoming my favorite place to purchase quality professional accessories! March 29, 2014
Ended in Tears I've loved the Pelikan and ink I've gotten from Levenger, and the Rotring my wife bought me and the mechanical pencil I bought her, so I was completely unprepared for my crushing experience with this pen! I loved the concept -- a refillable rollerball! -- and the look and weight. But within a few weeks, it started to take a lot of work to get going EVERY TIME I picked it up, even after just a few minutes. Then, a few days ago, a good half inch of the tip snapped completely off, leaving me with ink all over my hands and a very expensive pen in the garbage. March 21, 2014
Great Pen This has become my most favorite pen. It is easy to fill from a bottle once I got the hang of it. A little depth perception required to get the filler hole below the top of the ink. I use blue/black ink and it looks great. March 5, 2014
Levenger More Convertible Rollerballs Please! Levenger, I absolutely love this pen as I enjoy fountain quality ink with the ease and grace of a rollerball. This pen writes beautifully and the ink fluidly flows across paper. I love the eco-roller from Visconti and this pen easily compares at almost half the price point. The colorful expresso nature of this pen is also a nice touch! Levenger oh Levenger please make available to us this pen in a array of vibrant colors as I would buy them all! Can you accomodate this request? March 4, 2014
Awesome Pen This is a beautiful pen. I have two Tru Writers and now I have another beautiful pen to add to my collection. Love the feel and the way it writes. I have the convertible style and am enjoying it very much. Color is very rich. February 24, 2014
Beautiful to look at, but skips Maybe the cartridge of ink is the trouble, I haven't tried to use the convertery to fill from an ink bottle, but thought I should let you know this first disappointment . Heartbreaker. Gift from my wife. February 9, 2014
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