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Chesterton Espresso Rollerball 4.8 5 10 10
Great gift! This pen is a stunning gift.- unique, beautiful, and functional. I will return to this as first choice for many occasions. Thank you Levenger. November 23, 2013
Perfect Gift I purchased the pen as a git for my boyfriend. He was quite thrilled with the appearance and "feel" of the pen. And, he is a rather particular person. A perfect gift! I wouldn't mind having one of these pens myself, as they are really lovely. December 25, 2014
Good Value I use a good quality pen every day, and this will become my go to pen. I like the quality of the pen, and it is a significant weight which I like. I would not get my name in it again, while the embossing is well done, the pen is good enough to carry the image on it's own. December 13, 2014
Beautiful pen We had a bunch monogrammed as gifts to employees and they are stunning! They write well, it feels good in your hand and the colors are beautiful! November 6, 2014
Stunning to look at, smooth writer It has already been said but here it goes again, wow this pen is stunning. The pattern looks 3 dimensional like there is a depth to it, and it pulls you in every time you pull it out to write. This is definitely an heirloom to pass on and if people don't know you love pens already, they will surely know it when you write with this one. I now plan on getting the Cafe Au Lait pen hoping that it has the same kind of dimension! October 25, 2013
Espresso Rollerball Pen I fell in love with this pen the minute I touched it to paper. It writes smoothly, and the ink does not bleed through paper.. The exterior of the pen is beautiful with rich browns and subtle swirls of creams. If you enjoy or need a fatter barreled pen, this pen fits the bill; its weight in the hand is just right. September 16, 2013
great grad gift Over the years I have purchased more than 100 pens, most all of them from Levenger and have always been satisfied with their quality and value This year I purchased the Chesterton Espresso Rollerball for a grandson heading off to college. It is beautiful pen, rich in color and weight, and writes beautifully, The engraving was well done with just the right amount of visibility. The gold tone trim really sets off the colors in the barrel of the pen. As an aside I had originally purchased the ballpoint and am very happy I exchanged it for the rollerball. Now I may have to get one for myself. June 15, 2013
A Great Pen To Own and Pass On! I had previously purchased the Chesterton Ball-point pen and wanted to buy the Rollerball to complete the "set". These pens are well-named for the legendary G.K. Chesterton, one of the foremost writers and theologians of the early20th century. The pens are bold, expressive, and very masculine, with the rich brown and gold color tones, hefty "feel" and superb writing and dependability. I have received numerous comments and compliments about these pens and I always mention where I purchased them! They are elegant writing instruments, which can be passed down to another generation, just as a fine watch. They are a bit "pricey" in the beginning, but if used frequently and treated with respect, they will last from one generation to another. I have no comment about the fountain pen as I don't use one, but I suspect that it is also a fine writing instrument worthy of its name. April 29, 2013
Exquisite Pen, Proprietary Refills This is an absolutely exquisite pen. Exceptional engineering, feels wonderful in the hand. Craftmanship is excellent. I have one complaint: When I purchase a quality pen I purchase for life. Unfortunately, Levenger has chosen to design this pen to use only their own proprietary rollerball refills. No commonly available refills, such as Waterman style refills, seem to fit this pen properly. If Levenger ever goes out of business, you're out a pen. As best I can tell, no one else manufactures refills that will fit it. Given this situation you might wish to consider ordering the convertible version of this rollerball pen. August 9, 2012
Elegant look and great writing I love rollerballs, and this one will be in my pocket more often than not from here on. It looks great, sophisticated, classy, understated, and definitely elegant. It has enough weight and heft so it rests comfortably in my hand, and people have already commented on how mpressive the marbled finish looks. It writes smoothly and gives my writing character and a nice flourish without having to work at it. The only minor complaint I have is that the threads to screw the cap back on don't always line up. It's a minor problem on an otherwise terrific writing instrument. May 26, 2012
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