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Montegrappa Parola Rollerball 1 5 2 2
Beautiful but fragile Bought it because of Montegrappa reputation. Was fine for about a year and then the barrel simply fractured with the cap on. No trauma, didn't drop it...Just unscrewed the cap and the tip of the barrel fell out. Now worthless. Pretty bad when you pay almost $200 for a pen and it literally falls apart December 9, 2014
Nice Looking Junk I am taking my name off of the Levenger mailing list because I am disappointed how this pen made it past their buyers. Out of the box, the Pen would not screw shut. There was a 1/8" gap between the bottom barrel and the center ring causing the ring to shake around. Later, the lower barrel simply fell off and there was no way to keep it on, as if they had missed gluing step in the manufacture. This pen is now completely useless it is easier to write with the cartridge. Of which I bought extras of the Montegrappa refills and they are now useless too. Maybe I was unlucky to get a defect but would never buy this pen again -- anything at this price level should go through QA multiple times before being sent to a customer. April 17, 2013
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