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L-Tech 3.0 Fountain Pen

Price: $89.00
Item: AP12640
Presenting the L-Tech 3.0 fountain pen plus stylus
The precision-crafted power tool in solid machined brass reaches the next level of writing and browsing convenience in the L-Tech 3.0. As always, the L-Tech fountain pen is engineered for premium performance, expertly weighted for a satisfying feel in the hand, with its faceted barrel tapering off to a comfortable textured grip. L-Tech 3.0 converts easily to a stylus pen, too, and includes not just one but two optional stylus points, one in silicone and the other in a new patented touchscreen-sensitive mesh fabric.
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • Choose metallic Chrome or matte black Stealth finish and appointments
  • Stainless steel nib handcrafted in Germany
  • Stealth features a black lacquered nib
  • Comes in a durable metal storage box you can personalize
  • Solid brass alloy barrel
  • Threaded cap posts securely on the barrel
  • Easily converts to a stylus pen by removing the flat top and replacing with one of the stylus points
  • Includes both a mesh fabric and silicone rubber stylus point
  • 5 7/16L x 7/16 diameter; 2 oz
  • We offer fountain pen cartridges and bottled inks
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LTech 30 Fountain Pen Chrome 3.9 5 7 7
It's a handful (in a good way!) I have what can charitably be described as a death grip on my writing utensils -- sooner or later, I snap the barrels. (WRITER STRONG LIKE BULL! the fingers, anyway.) I set out on my latest Levenger cruise to find a pen that wouldn't allow that sort of thing, and here we have perfection. The body of the L-Tech feels extremely substantial in the hand and it's beautifully balanced; no fatigue whatsoever with this one. I agree with other commenters that it has the broadest "medium" nib you've ever seen, but I use it primarily on Rhodia paper and am quite pleased with line quality. Recommended -- particularly to those of my colleagues who've attempted to "borrow" it. (Safer to buy your own than to trifle with a woman who snaps pen barrels between her fingers, people!) September 5, 2014
The BEST Fountain Pen to date! I first saw this pen when it was released from an email to me from Levenger. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I received it as a Birthday Gift and my initials were engraved on the pen and the incredible box. Not only is it a superb fountain pen but also a GREAT Stylus. I can use it on my i-phone 5s with no problems at all and those are some small keys it has to hit! If you are looking for a great pen/stylus, look no further. The box is cushioned to keep all pieces secure, and having 2 stylus tips assures that you are taken care of on any tablet/phone touch screen. Once again, Levenger comes through with meeting my very high expectations. I hope this increases your confidence about this pen. Definitely 5 Stars across the board! August 30, 2014
Not thrilled with the pen I like the feel of the pen and its style. However I do have several issues. The tip is very broad (especially for a fine nib). This makes it of limited value for commenting in margins of documents. The ink does not flow smoothly, and I have found that after any delay (such as overnight) I have to make some stray marks to get the ink flowing smoothly and consistently. The ink itself spreads and seeps through the paper. While this may be a paper issue, it is the paper that I use on a daily basis. Overall, the pen, despite its style, is of limited practical use to me. August 28, 2014
FINE nib is far from Fine This fountain pen has a great feel to it. It looks great and is well constructed. I have a rollerball which is fantastic. The problem with this fountain pen is that the Fine point nip does not write with a fine flow. I have broad nip pens that write with a small trail to them. For some projects only a FINE point will do, and unfortunately I will not be able to use this lovely instrument to handle those tasks. August 21, 2014
good value Feels great in your hand. heavy and robust. Once it gets going the writing is good also. However, it takes some time for the ink to lay an even path on paper between writing sessions. August 14, 2014
L-Tech 3.0 I received my pen about a week ago and started using it right away. I purchased the black version with a fine tip nib. I love the construction quality and over all design of the pen. I have two minor concerns with this pen. 1. The Fine tip nib writes almost like a broad tip. This makes it difficult to read the writing. I have purchased other fine tips from other companies and they are much finer in writing quality. 2. The ink supplied with this pen is of a poor quality as it does not properly supply the tip of the nib with a good amount of ink and not dry out while trying to write with it. I will attempt to use other ink after this first cartridge is empty. I would be willing to try an extra fine tip nib if it were available.. Also while writing with this ink the nib tip squeeks. This is really weird as I have never experienced this with any of the nibs I have used in the past and I am a big fan of fountain pens. August 6, 2014
Good but not great... So while this pen writes, and is very sturdy, etc. there are couple of issues I am very disappointed about. First the pen had a couple of small dings in it. Secondly the medium nib writes like a broad nib. Also, the nib clogs even when the pen is stored correctly with the nib facing up. And lastly the monogram that put on this pen was put on out of alignment so that the bottom of one of the initials is not even showing! For all the money spent on this pen and for how proudly touted it is by Levenger you'd think you would get more for your money. I bought a pen once before from Levenger and it was a great pen. But the service was much better in the selection, handling and preparation of the item when I put in my order. I am not impressed. I would expect to be able to replace this pen with a BRAND NEW ONE, but my guess is that you are not going to do that. At the very least I would appreciate a brand new "fine" nib for this pen to replace the medium nib which writes like a broad nib which I definitely did not want. Sincerely, J.K. July 28, 2014
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