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Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

Price: $175.00
Item: AP9250
Reverse-design Pilot fountain pen prevents ink from leaking
Thinking outside the box and turning it upside-down, the point of our Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen is placed on the same end as the clip — so when it's fastened inside a pocket, the ink simply has no chance of leaking, because it's facing upward.
  • Push-top mechanism to retract — revolutionary for a fountain pen
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • 5 9/16L x 1/2 diameter; 1.09 oz
  • We offer Pilot ink refills
  • We also recommend Levenger bottled ink
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NamikiPilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen 4.9 5 29 29
Namiki Pilot Poem What better way to pay homage to my years long love of this fine Japanese pen than with Haiku, the quintessential Japanese poetic form? I've included two below: Namiki Love Poem Love my Namiki Clicks in and out so simply Writes smooth like fountain. Poet's Joy Namiki Pilot: gold nib advances with soft click thoughts flow like river. Keith Edwardsville, IL April 14, 2010
Namiki, the Vanishing Poem I could not recommend to a friend that which makes me Unique. I watched Namiki in the catalog every single week. I thought how different. How divine. I will not have to say Anything about myself, as I click away And see the double takes it gets Fascination with a grin For nothing is as unique as the Namiki Vanishing Fountain Pen! And when I wrote with this distinctive pen at the library I found my new boyfriend because he had one too! How truly rare indeed. I carry my Namiki every day and look for some excuse To write something; simply anything, for it to be in use I take it out, admire it. I even boast at times For nothing makes me happier than to be recognized For the exceptional taste I have in pens and to be one of the few, Who carry the Namiki and find that they too, Are extraordinary. The Namiki Vanishing Point Pen. Watch the ordinary vanish, write. April 14, 2010
A Great Disappearing Point I've had lot's of pens, but this I love best, the point disappears, there's no stains on my vest, I love owning it, but I must tell you true, I'd like it much better if I could have two. April 14, 2010
Quick with a Click This fountain pen's ever so grand It fits like a glove in you hand With a click you'll be writing, expressing, enlightening With a flair that you'll never find bland. This pen has a beautiful line In a modern yet timeless design You'll find inspiration from its mechanisxal innovation And finish that's close to sublime I hate to come off like a drip But you might curse the placement of the clip In the way of your fingers, frustration it lingers As some find it screws up their grip The nib is so smooth and yet bold It is plain, yet a joy to behold It's not very flexy, yet still very sexy Like a little black dress made of gold. April 19, 2013
A Poem for Clean Fingers We know that Calligraphy Is the art of writing Beautifully. As you will see, Fingers will remain ink free When you select the Namiki. April 3, 2013
was gifted one long ago, and it has served me well.hope to buy another one some day.love your catalog . November 16, 2012
Such a great idea... needs work I'll admit- the idea of a RETRACTABLE fountain pen is pretty incredible. I loved the idea of being able to just "click" and have the nib ready to write. I've used several fountain pens over the past several years, and I high hopes for this pen. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy using this pen at all. In fact, I returned it to Levenger for a full refund about two weeks after purchasing and using it. Levenger, to their credit, has the best customer care that I've ever encountered... there were no questions asked, return shipping label e-mailed to me on the spot, etc., etc., etc. Here's my thoughts about the Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen. I have two issues with this pen... the clip and the nib. THE CLIP- as you can see from the photos above, the clip is located on the end of the pen closest to the nib. This seems like a good idea because when the pen is clipped into a shirt or jacket pocket, it will be upright and the ink will be tipped away from the nib. The problem is apparent when you begin to write; the clip turns into a clumsy piece of metal that you need to contend with in order to get a good grip on the pen. I see in other reviews that several people really like it there- not me! I want a nice, solid barrel to hold without needing to fiddle around with where the metal clip should fit in my hand without becoming a nuisance. THE NIB- Oy ve. Wet, thick, and far to flexible for my taste. For a medium nib, this seems very broad. I felt like as I was using this pen, there was too much "spring" in the nib touching the paper. This (coupled with not being able to get a good grip on the pen because of the clip) made my handwriting look sloppy, which is definitely not the norm. I also noticed that this pen needed to be at a very specific angle in order for the ink to flow freely. If it wasn't at precisely the right angle, it was scratchy and not much ink was released. I prefer a pen that is a bit more forgiving. Aside from my comments above, here's a few good points about this pen: - Beautiful finish - The "click" is not too tense or loose - When the pen retracts it is covered by a small piece of metal inside the pen that gives extra reassurance that it will not leak - Good weight, balanced October 10, 2012
Best fountain pen used Overall, this is the best pen I've had. No leaks and ruined shirts. Smooth writing M nib. Excellent consistency. Levenger ink works fine in it. Highly recommend. September 1, 2012
Love it! I haven't used a fountain pen since in high school in the 70's. I had bought the Namki/Pilot awhile ago and forgot about it during a move. I found the box before Christmastime and thrilled to be able to write notes with the fluidity fountain pens provide and such beautiful script. So easy to use and store and transport, no leaking or drying or skipping. What a wonderful rediscovery of writing fun! Wish it came in fine too. Your products never fail. Thanks much! January 5, 2012
Can't Get Much Better! I hesitated to try a VP for quite a few years and once I bought one I had to wonder why I had waited. I had anticipated that the Medium would be more like an Eastern Medium but it was a true to size Medium. Flawless performance out-of-the-box. A wonder of form and functionality! I know this will not be the last VP I own! December 16, 2011
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