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Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pen Gift Set 4.3 5 3 3
Pilot-Frixion-Erasable-Gel-Pen-Gift-Set Pleasantly surprised to see the Vibrant Colors of the pens. The functionality is great, considering most of us make mistakes while writing in pen, then we have to get out White Out or some fascimile, so the erasable part of pen is terrific. The case they come in is very professional-looking with functionality of smaller case to insert in mid-size purse, and with the initials of the Owner - One knows Hands Off of Pens! October 26, 2013
Great pens, but be careful the ink disappears. I really like the vivid colors of the pens, and it is nice that they can be erased for corrections, however, I wish I knew and had seen the review about being heat sensitive before using. I pulled out my to do list this morning and the ink had disappeared on half of the page. I assume it was because I had placed my brief case in my trunk when attending an offsite meeting last night. I am now unable to complete my task and have to ask my supervisor to write down her direction again. This is very frustrating for I should have already completed the task. This was very unexpected. September 11, 2013
Fun for Adults These are a lot of fun and a good value as a set. The pens are refillable, which is important to many of us concerned about the environment. I discovered that because the FriXion ink is thermosensitive it reappears at temperatures below 14° F (-10° C), such as your freezer. It shouldn't be used for mailings or left where there's a lot of heat either but these ink properties make it a lot of fun for adults. Kids will be amazed at the disappearing/reappearing properties. August 12, 2013
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