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Time passes, and styles change, but the quality of Pelikan pens is something you can always count on. The Pelikan brand dates back almost 170 years, and the products remain as steadfast in their eminence as ever. We are delighted to add Pelikan fine writing instruments to our collection of fine pens. Whether you are writing a letter, taking notes for a business meeting or crafting handmade invitations, Pelikan pens enable you to showcase your unique writing style.

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There's good reason for history to repeat itself when it comes to Pelikan fountain pens. The Pelikan Tradition M215 Fountain pen has a richly lacquered metal barrel with sharp rectangular angles that invoke visions of an elegant Savile Row men's suit. But the exquisite Pelikan fountain pen is more than another pretty face. You will instantly note the sophistication of the Pelikan fountain pen, which is embossed with the unmistakable and iconic pelican logo. When you are looking for a fountain pen highlighter and underliner that makes annotation seamless, the Pelikan Duo Highlighter Fountain Pen and Pelikan ink deliver a show-stopping performance.