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Galileo: The Starry Messenger

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Item: RB1540
For Galileo in 1610, it was a dark and starry night

“On a beautiful and clear evening in the early winter of 1609, Galileo Galilei trained his telescope on the illuminated surface of the moon and recognized something that no man had ever noted before….” Read the full introduction to the book here

In 1610 Galileo published a little book that would cause a great clamor (and still does, even today). For here was something so revolutionary, it was scary: actual proof, thanks to Galileo’s nightly notes of what he saw through his newfangled telescope, that the earth was not the center of the universe. Thanks to the Library of Congress, we bring you a true-color facsimile of that book, The Starry Messenger, from one of the rare copies with fully intact pages. Along with it is the definitive translation, plus essays from six of the world’s great Galileo scholars.
Own this collector’s edition of The Starry Messenger
This Levenger Press edition of The Starry Messenger (in Latin, the title is Sidereus nuncius) gives you fascinating back stories not found anywhere else. Not only is there the story of Galileo’s eventual house arrest for writing such heresy, but there’s also the modern-day story of how the Library of Congress came to find---and then authenticate---the rare untrimmed version of the book whose pages you will see.
See why Galileo’s book has been called “the most intriguing and revealing book in the history of science”
That’s how Owen Gingerich, the professor emeritus of Astronomy and History of Science at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, describes The Starry Messenger in this Levenger Press edition. Because what Galileo did in his little book of moons and stars was to bring science out of the shadows and into the clear and rational light of modern day. If you treasure the epochal works of great thinkers—or have a fascination for outer space—here is the book that darn near made the earth shake. It merits a place on the bookshelf of every thinker, risk-taker, history lover and stargazer. Only from Levenger.  
  • Full-size and true-color facsimile of The Starry Messenger (also called The Sidereal Messenger and Sidereus nuncius) from the Library of Congress’s rare intact edition
  • Well-marked English translation that’s easy to match up with the facsimile
  • Provocative essays on the significance of Galileo’s book by six of the world’s leading Galileo scholars: Owen Gingerich,  John W. Hessler,  Peter Machamer, David Marshall Miller, Paul Needham and Eileen Reeves
  • Embossed hardcover with ribbon bookmark
  • Archival-quality paper and Smythe-sewn binding for longevity
  • 8 ½ x 11; 224 pages in full color
  • Printed in America
  • Not in the bookstores---only from Levenger
Own an epoch-making book made possible by the Library of Congress, and made beautiful by Levenger Press.
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Galileo The Starry Messenger 5 5 3 3
Galileo Two points: This book is well constructed inside and out. It is an excellent addition to my library. February 7, 2014
Perhaps the best version ever available. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in history, astronomy or science. Its place in history is unquestionable, this excellent representation and context is unique. The additional material adds perspective and understanding previously left to the reader to assume or invest time and energy into discovering. Here in one volume is the original material, an excellent translation, historical perspective, provenance and fantastic printing and binding! A tremendous value! Such a wonderful book! December 31, 2013
Wonderful Purchase Thank you for this book. The intellectual side of me appreciates the ability to view the original text, as well as read the translation and the scholarly papers in one place. The sensual part of me loves the feel of the paper, the quality of the print, and the clarity of the images. The only reason I dropped a star on Quality is that I would have preferred either a leather or fabric cover. I hope that there will be more collaborations between Levenger and the Library of Congress and/or other great libraries in the future. October 4, 2013
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