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Thoreau, The Maine Woods: A Photographic Journey through an American Wilderness

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An award-winning photographer retraces Thoreau’s Maine journey, with photographs that are "sumptuously beautiful," says The Boston Globe

For the past seven years, the award-winning nature photographer Scot Miller has been capturing on film the journeys that Thoreau made on foot to the Maine Woods between 1846 and 1857. The result is an awe-inspiring pictorial work by a photographer whose outdoor photography is so fine, it is often featured on CBS Sunday Morning. Scot followed Thoreau so faithfully that he could caption each photo with Thoreau’s own words. (Thoreau’s full text is reproduced.) For those who love nature, or Maine, or catch-your-breath-gorgeous photography, here is a Levenger Press collector’s edition to cherish.  Only from Levenger.

Experience a book of nature photography where both words and pictures matter
What makes this Levenger Press book unusual is how seamlessly Scot Miller’s photographs and Thoreau’s narrative flow together. It’s rare to have so many words in a book of nature photography, but Scot has a deep respect for Thoreau’s writing and wished to include Thoreau’s entire Maine Woods narrative, which was originally published in 1864.
Expect to hear more about these photographs of Thoreau’s Maine Woods
The Harvard Museum of Natural History is dedicating an exhibit to a number of the photographs contained in this edition. At Levenger we’re proud to be bringing you the work of such a highly regarded nature photographer as Scot Miller. Just wait till you see how beautiful this book is!

  • 88 full-color photographs by award-winning nature photographer Scot Miller
  • The full text of Henry David Thoreau’s The Maine Woods, first printed in 1864
  • Foreword by Jeff Cramer of the Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods
  • Printed on archival paper from a renewable and sustainable source
  • Linen hardcover inlaid with an iconic photo of the Maine Woods
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • 10W x 9H; 256 pages
  • Not in the bookstores--only at Levenger
  • Printed in America
Own the book for those who love to be in nature---or just admire it.

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An Extraordinary Book Scot Miller and Levenger Press have given us a remarkable combination of words and photographs to evoke the past and present of the Maine wilderness. The photographs are vintage Miller: beautifully composed and taken, with an extraordinary eye for shots that fit so well with Thoreau's text. Thoreau himself, of course, continues to be a wonder, a keen observer of all around him, large and small, a reminder that what he saw set early Americans off from their European counterparts. Europeans had history; Americans had the land; and no one appreciated that fact more than Henry David Thoreau and, now, Scot Miller. A Photographic Journey Through an American Wilderness is a journey well worth taking. November 8, 2013
Perfect Gift I recently purchased a copy of the book for my uncle, who spent many years visiting Maine. He told me, after receiving the book, that the photography truly captured Maine. It is the closest thing to the real Maine that he has seen since he last visited. He loves the book, and has insisted that I purchase a copy for myself. In his words, any self-respecting fan of the Maine region should own a copy. October 31, 2013
The Maine Woods Beautiful book - excellent gift for my father in law: it will bring back so many fond memories. October 26, 2013
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