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Spice It Up Rubber Bands Junior set of 2 5 5 4 4
Meets my need During the month I have a big stack of billing to take to the post office for mailing. I am always loosing my large size rubber bands. Saw these beauties on the web site and just knew these would do the trick. Yes indeed they do. Works great and everybody know the cute bands belong to me. Thanks again Levenger. December 5, 2013
Love These! These bands are fantastic! I questioned whether I really needed them since the notebook cover comes with an elastic band attached to the back cover. However, the band that comes as part of the notebook cover stretches out pretty quickly and isn't as helpful. These bands are very functional and the colors/patterns are fun. Wish there were either more combinations available or could buy them as single bands as one of the duo I purchased probably won't be used because of the color combination. August 5, 2013
Helpful! I love these rubber bands for my leather circa notebook. It keeps the notebook safe and shut in my bag. The only thing I don't like is that the ink of the designs wears off after awhile and looks messy. I wish they had plain white ones, or different colors without ink. Also, other patterns would be nice. Other than that, these are great, and very durable. May 12, 2013
For security and added style I purchased this to fit onto my red "non Levenger" notebook. It is perfect as it clearly makes my notebook unique since there are a couple of other people who use this same system at my employer. Also I can use it to hold my notebook shut. I really like it. November 4, 2012
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