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My iMac Elevator! I've been looking for months for some sort of platform to elevate my 27" iMac to a level where I can keep my back straight and my eyes meet the middleof the screen. I found some items, but they were either quite ugly or the dimensions didn't work such that I could fit my extended keyboard underneath. Well, this does the trick! Not only can I slide my keyboard under, it also fits my MyBook backup and my LaCie Backups (both 1 TB size). It also fits my large powered speaker with room to spare. The top allows me to put other items as well. My Samsung Galaxy 3s with Icarpus clip stand fits perfectly along with an iMac remote, a USB hub and an additional 500GB external harddrive. Plus, I got the dark color and the entire arrangement is beautiful! I can easily slide my iMac in different directions to get the best view, depending on my needs. I was concerned that the iMac would be to heavy and cause the wood to bow, but so far it's holding up well. Very happy! November 11, 2012
Very Satisfied This product looks great. It's comfortable. I have plenty of room for my legs to fit underneath. It's sturdy. It's lightweight. I've used it with my laptop and also a large textbook. I like it because it's not resting on my legs. October 31, 2012
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