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Barrister Book Case

If you are searching for smart storage for your books, Levenger is your source for quality bookshelves, book carts and more. We offer bookcases that are versatile and portable and provide storage for your growing collection of books.

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About Barrister Book Case

Mark Twain once accurately quipped, "People are much more willing to lend you books than bookcases." With a Barrister book case ordered and delivered from Levenger’s online catalog, you’ll never have to worry about borrowing someone’s book case ever again, for it will give you all you need, and still even more. The classic design, solid hardwood construction and handsome gloss finish on the beveled cuts of our Barrister book case offer you a style and feel that will fit comfortably within any room of the house, serving each with equal grace and efficiency. The Levenger Barrister book case is indeed something special, as you can custom design your own modular fit using any combination of pieces and traditional features, like raised panel doors, or maybe even glass doors, with the glass beveled or etched with your choice of selected words or a tasteful monogram. Choose a look and feel for your Barrister book case that will create a warmth that you can feel every time you enter the room.

Commanding, yet refined, a Barrister book case will always hold your favorite and most precious books in a dignified and easy to reach display. So when your friends come by and ask to borrow a copy of Huck Finn, go ahead and lend it to them-but be sure they leave the Barrister book case behind.