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Six 5.6 mm True Writer® Clutch Pencil Refills

Price: $10.00
Item: PR1260
Drylighter refills for your highlighter
Tired of ink smears on your fingers when you use a standard highlighter? Or does your wet highlighter dry out too quickly? Use our drylighter refills, and you may never go back to traditional highlighters. These top-quality drylighter refills fit our True Writer Highlighter (available separately).
  • Set of six refills (one each of pink, yellow, green and 3 graphite, or all yellow drylighter leads)
  • Doesn’t bleed through paper like ordinary highlighters
  • Long-lasting and doesn’t need a cap
  • 5.6mm leads
Six 56 mm True Writer Clutch Pencil Refills 3.5 5 23 23
It's fun. I bought the dry lighter clutch pen on a whim. I'm glad I did. It's fun to use, works well. If you want a fluorescent line you can see from far away, don't get these. I can see the highlight in almost every light but bright sun. Many co-workers and fellow students try it, like it, and are disappointed when I tell them Levenger has DISCONTINUED the clutch pencil. Bring it back in yellow, orange and pink with highlight leads of the same color, please. I'm sure you'd sell a bunch if they were the standard colors, just classier. September 16, 2014
Love these dry lighters I've had my dry lighter for years and still prefer it over other marker or wet types. It never dries out and makes a clean highlight on different types of paper without wrinkling or bleeding through. It is easy to carry and ensure that it won't mark the inside of my bag. April 2, 2015
Agree with another reviewer I agree with another reviewer in that I would very much like to see the highlighter colored pencils brought back. They are much lighter in weight than the True Writer clutch pencil. And the True Writer Clutch Pencil is very thick to hold for those of us ladies with small hands. Also the most annoying thing for me is that when I put it down, it will roll off the table or desk that it sits on. It is perfectly round and therefore doesn't stop rolling before it hits the floor. I do like like this product, but would also like to have those pencils back that you had once before. They came in the same colors (pink, yellow and the green) that these come in. If you could make this True writer colored pencil smaller in diameter, and lighter in weight, and give it something to make it stop rolling when put down on a flat surface, then I would be a very happy camper, otherwise allow us to buy both styles of this pencil. Thank you, love your products, have been a customer for the last 18 years, and have bought many many things!! March 1, 2015
This is great, but what I'd really like is a refill set that is all green or all pink, not just all yellow: I find the all yellow too pale, and I don't use the graphite at all. March 25, 2014
Great highlighter I decided to splurge and get the pencil highlighter with pencil refills. I read through the negative reviews and almost didn't purchase glad I trusted my gut. In my line of work I have to review a lot of paper work with clients I like the ability of being able to subtly mark up a paper without the garish neon paint that distracts from the rest of the information on the page. If you need a very loud, bright, pronounced highlighter this is NOT for you. If you need to see a yellow streak from a mile a way this is not for you. All things considered when I factor in the cost of this pencil highlighter and how long the lead will last I consider this an excellent investment. And let's be honest at this price point unlike traditional highlighters that get lost you will be very careful of holding on to this pencil. Added bonus this is the most elegant highlighter I have ever seen. Tons of compliments and people have tried to steal it on multiple occasions. February 28, 2014
Disappointed My experience is the same as the reviewer who was unable to see the highlighter on the page. And it pulled at the paper. In addition, you used to carry graphite leads for this lead holder. That made this really nice as a drawing pencil. But you no longer carry graphite refills. What happened to them? Thank you. May 12, 2012
Bring the old ones back! I purchased a set of 3 highlighting pencils from Levenger several years ago. Now that it is time to reorder I have learned that they no longer carry them. They were great and relatively inexpensive. I don't want to purchase 3 of the true-writers so that I can have the 3 colors I use all the time in highlighting text. Nor do I want to purchase one true-writer and continually have to change out the color of the refill. The old - "AP10745" Dryline Line Pencil set is much preferred. April 1, 2012
Falls a bit Short I use 3-4 different highlighters everyday. I like the way the drywriter feels in my hand and the job the yellow does, however, Since I can only get yellow replacements, in quanity, I doubt I will be purchaing additional ones. If the pink and green would come in larger quanities, as well as other colors, I'm sure I would ultimately purchase mutilple Clutch pencils. January 9, 2012
Yellow highlighter lead I purchased the holder with yellow highlighter lead. I wanted something to use instead of a highlighter. I must report that it does not do the trick. It's almost impossible to see in ordinary room light and given with the price, it simply lacks the value. Sad to say, it's just not up to the quality I'd expect from Levenger. July 19, 2011
I LOVE these I LOVE these highlighters. There is no better highlighter in existence (that I know of!). I get very vivid color with no bleeding and absolute control over where I highlight. I was concerned because of the reviews that said they are too light, but I found them NOT to be too light! I use these also on science/math drawings to color in areas I want to emphasize. . I really like the yellow which I "color" on the way you might with a colored pencil. I use this for textbook highlighting and notes because it never ever bleeds through to the other side and I am able to control exactly what I want highlighted. The brightness is similar to liquid highlighters but it is so much superior due to lack of bleeding and control over what part is highlighted and it erasable. The yellow is a true primary yellow color. May 17, 2010
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