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Circa smartPlanner Contacts (Set of 2)

Price: $10.00 Now $4.95 Save 51%
Item: ADS8300
Discover the productivity power of this paper “app” for your Circa smartPlanner
Embedded in the word “paper” is the word “app.” These pads are one of the paper-based apps that you can get for the Circa smartPlanner system. Add this app to the smartPlanner Master Agenda and ramp up your productivity another notch.

Have a backup to your electronic contacts list that needs no juice
You just never know when the electronic version of your contacts could vaporize. Here’s a way to have a good-looking paper backup that’s useful in its own right.

Now it’s easy to gather all your contacts’ social media in one place
Lines are designated for Twitter, Facebook, Skype and LinkedIn, along with mobile, email and website.  And yes, lines for phone, fax, and pen-and-ink address as well. And just for fun---draw your contact.

Perforated sheets for portability and neat deletes
If contact info gets outdated, remove just that perforated contact sheet and keep the rest. You can also remove the perforated sheets of people you’re meeting with at trade shows and conferences. When you return, just replace the sheets in your smartPlanner Master Agenda.

Impress them by asking about their kids and pets by name
Use the back of the sheet to record this kind of personal info that will endear you to your contacts.

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  • Front and back are ruled and have softly shaded color that’s kind to the eye
  • Levenger high-quality, 100 gsm paper holds up to repeated use
  • Set of 2 Circa-punched pads, 25 sheets each
  • 50 perforated contacts sheets per pad
  • Handy Junior size that works in all Circa Junior notebooks
  • Junior-size paper, 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H
Take your productivity to a whole new level of customization and fun with the apps designed for the Circa smartPlanner.
Circa smartPlanner Contacts Set of 2 5 5 1 1
Not Just a Backup For the 'digitally inclined,' its nice to have a paper backup for those rare moments when you grab for a pen and paper. I bought this for my own back-up/paper use and my mother-in-law commented on it. So, I bought 2 pads for her and put them in the cover set that came with A starter kit. She was thrilled! She loved the extra space for notes and loves the idea of being able to detach each record when they need updating. You should have seen her old multiply-crossed-off pages she was keeping - yuck! She's now got an updated list with her Levenger contact sheets. At $0.40/sheet, its a bit pricy...but the quality of the paper should hold up for quite awhile. August 31, 2013
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