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Superb! I ordered this item because I am totally suffering from Carpal Tunnel and this has been the most help for me!! I can read a book with it, use it for my iPad or Kindle! "Look Ma, no hands!!" Thanks for the great products you carry! Has helped me at least keep reading!! April 19, 2014
Great Reader's Tool! I purchased this as a gift for an avid reader and she loves it. Uses it everyday and says it's particularly useful for the heavy hardbacks from the library. It is well made and she loves the colors/pattern. I bought this as a weekly special and so was very pleased with the value. April 18, 2014
So glad I bought this I love the Thai roll. It is lightweight and allows the angle of the iPad to be adjusted to accommodate the position I am sitting. It can be used with the iPad in either landscape or portrait positions and my hands are free to type or turn pages. So far I have used it every day since it was delivered. April 17, 2014
I wish I never bought the thing I was intrigued both by the reviews and the item. Now after trying to use it for four months I'm more frustrated than intrigued. There are no directions or instructions on how to tie the roll so that it is functional. My hat is off to those who have made it work. Regardless of how I've tied it I can't use it to stand up either my Kindle or IPad (landscape or portrait) to comfortably read, watch a movie, or play a game. The only thing I like about it is the richness of the color and the fabric. February 6, 2014
Fantastic for viewing Ipad You have to try this!! I use my Ipad for a meditation app---and I needed a way to keep it upright--this is perfect. Price was very reasonable--check it out!!! December 28, 2013
Interesting I really like the looks of this Thai roll! You are able to roll it to your specifications. I haven't tried to use the strings or beads, I just set my iPad on huge roll. It's unique! December 28, 2013
A useful, decorator item This handmade item is pleasing to the eye and useful in it's versatility and function. A winning combination. December 7, 2013
Good idea - poor design This is an attractive item, it appeared to fit a need - and the sale price seemed too good to be true. It was. I wanted a tight roll with a horizontal "prop" section in front. This was easier said than done. The best approach I found involved moving the beads out of the way, threading the tie line through a loop on one side, then the other; then tying off in back with something called a taut-line hitch which nestles securely between two rolls. This hitch (handy for tent stakes) is an adjustable knot for used to secure a line under tension to itself (see Wikipedia). Fortunately I've owned two sailboats and have experience with knots. Maybe I've missed something simple. This seemed too hard for what I wanted to do. September 2, 2013
Perfect for Ipad & Books My wife wanted it so she could use it to prop up her ipad & books anywhere she was. She Loves It! July 20, 2013
Ridiculous Use The straps on this are bad, don't hold well. The product is huge and not very portable. It could be a lot smaller, and a lot more functional. I don't use this to prop up books, rather I found one day that it provides good lumbar support. I have back pain/issues and cannot sit back in a chair, I'm also very small, but this is so large it gives me lumbar support, more so than other lumbar pillows I have used (when rolled up). If it weren't for this odd coincidence of utility, I would have returned the product upon receiving it, as there are many nice wood products that are cheaper, more portable, and hold the book open as well. This is not something I would ever use for what it is advertised to do, and I read for a living. May 31, 2013
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