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Nantucket Lapreader 4.4 5 15 15
Versatile and attractive I've been contemplating this purchase for a long time and I'm glad I finally took the plunge! I love the look of the bamboo, the way the desk sits firmly on my lap or the table, the storage in the back (I've stopped losing my pens!), and the ability to adjust the laptop angle with the small roll pillow. My only improvements would be to offer some different colors and to make the back slot wide enough to hold my TV remote.... November 9, 2013
Lap reader Really like the reader.Bought for my husband to use while resting in bed. October 28, 2013
A Lovely Gift! I ordered this product as a gift for a colleague and she loved it! It looks really great and she was thrilled to receive a gift so suited to her style. The pen holders are very useful! October 23, 2013
Solid and Stable I exchanged the Laplander Desk which has a very "mushy"glass bead bottom cushion that was very unstable with my laptop for the Nantucket Lapreader. Best decision I made! The Nantucket Lapreader is perfect for my laptop and tablet due it its solid stable construction and very comfortable cushion. September 28, 2013
Love it!! I bought this for my husband, and he loves it. When he is not using it, I steal it away & use it as well. It arrived well packed and in good shape, and has held up well. We love the bamboo, and he likes that the vents keep his laptop cooler. December 16, 2012
Broken already I just got this lap desk a few months ago and 2 of the slats that the computer rests on have already cracked and broken. It doesn't affect how it works, but I expected better for the price. November 19, 2012
Love My Lapdesk I do a lot of work with my MacBookAir in my lap, and although it never feels particularly hot, over time I thought I might be hurting myself. As I feared, the cushion also got warm, so I don't use it, but the desk without the cushion works great and I am no longer aware of the heat. The part that rests on my knees is solid and sturdy. I think with a simpler form, like the Nantucket, I might feel that it was balanced precariously. I don't feel that way at all. February 18, 2012
Superb laptop stand I bought a Lapreader as an adjunct to my newly purchased Apple, 13-inch laptop computer. I was impressed with your stand's design in your catalogue; I am even more impressed with using it in-person! . The stand keeps the laptop at a very comfortable angle. The curled bottom rail works well as a wrist-rest. An added benefit is its function as a dolly. My laptop normally resides inside a drop leaf type desk. The Lapreader acts like an aircraft towing tractor ; I "wheel" the laptop in and out of its "hangar" minimizing disruption of power cords, USB cables, etc.. . My only less than positive criticism concerns the pen and notepad slots in the back vertical member of the stand. The vertical is perpendicular to the desk flat surface. And the pen holes and paper slot are centered and parallel within the vertical. The problem? When fully opened at 135 degrees, the top cover of the laptop PRECLUDES my putting pens in that vertical! By sliding the laptop flush with the left edge of the stand, I can position ONE pen in the right-most pen slot. . Constructive suggestion: you could increase the utility of the stand by changing the ANGLE of the pen holes and paper slot. Now they are perpendicular to the desk surface. Is there a way to bore them PARALLEL to the maximum opened angle of a laptop top cover? Or change the angle of the vertical from perpendicular to acute? . My uses for a laptop require pen and paper. The stand would be much more helpful to me if I could store several pens or pencils and paper in the vertical. Note: the typical ballpoint pen is 5-3/16 inches in length. I like using ballpoints [like your Tru-Grip, one of my favorite pens and the one I keep in the vertical of the Lapreader! Can your designers review the specs, please? September 26, 2011
Great value I found the Lapreader to be a really good value and addition to my home office, particularly for more informal work hours on the couch or in bed. Levenger certainly heard the other customer feedback, as my Lapreader came with a simple addition so you can access the entire laptop--even the bottomost section. Though I actually came back to the site to order a second Lapreader for my daughter, I wanted to also share my satisfaction with the product. March 16, 2011
Useful but shoddy The curved front lip fell off during the first day. Just as well as it completely blocked the front edge functionalities of my laptop. I had to modify the unit significantly before I could use it. The general idea is good but construction is shoddy and it can't have been testing with many laptops. January 29, 2011
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