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Organize your July-December and reward yourself with a folio

Add the organizational “apps” of your choice to your master agenda

TaskMaster Apps

Manage major aspects of work and home



Use the 5 color blocks for detailing different projects. Or assign one color block to each team member. Jot reminders on back.

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Mom and Dad

Keep family schedules with your work schedule so you can see the whole picture. Mom & Dad can have a sheet each week. Menu planner on back.

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Meeting Notes

Separate sections for concepts, key points and action steps on the front, plus a ruled white sheet on the back equal power notes.

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List Apps

Smart ways to keep track of all the different things you're doing


To Do

Manage multiple lists with no mixups, thanks to the 5 color blocks. Each has a column for prioritizing, plus a dateline and check-off box.

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Take-With Lists

Vertically perforated sheets mean you can keep lots of running lists-work and home, different projects-till you're ready to perf and take with.

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Keep & Share Notes

Don't tax your memory, just tear & share. When you lend something, add a note & keep a copy. When you delegate, give them a note & keep a copy.

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Go Apps

Streamlined for mobility, and fortified with fun


Travel Tamer

Consolidate all your info for each trip onto one sheet—flights, hotels, cars, sights. Great reference for repeat trips and expense reports.

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Ideation Station

Map out ideas on a manageable size of paper (take some on the plane). Find solutions by connecting concepts.

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Soft colors and different shapes help you doodle your way to ingenious thoughts. Don’t doodle? Use as a sketch pad or to jot notes.

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Writable tabs in both horizontal and vertical formats bring an added level of organization to your master agenda.


smartAnnotation Tabs

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Circa smartTabs, blank and labeled

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Circa Annotation Tabs, blank and labeled

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